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The Best Autumn Auburn for You, Based on Your Eye Color

This autumn we’re going all-in on all things auburn. From deep mahogany undertones to notes of burnt orange, this multi-dimensional hair color has something for everyone. When it comes to rocking a red, eye color is everything. The perfect ginger shade should complement your irises, highlighting their natural color without overpowering them. And knowing the best auburn hair color for your eye color can surely help.

Thinking of swapping shades this autumn? We put together the ultimate guide to this red hair trend below. Read on to discover the best auburn hue, based on your eye color.

Brown Eyes: Deep Brunette Auburn

Zendaya has already achieved mane hall of fame status at such a young age. This Emmy winner serves big hair inspiration day in and day out. So naturally, this deep reddish-brunette is the ultimate go-to for brown-eyed beauties. With a subtle auburn tinge, we’re falling in love with this fall-forward shade.


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Hazel Eyes: Au-burgundy

When in doubt, just copy Rihanna. From espresso shades to platinum tones, this music mogul has mastered an entire spectrum of hair hues. Her purple-tinged auburn is no exception. This deep auburn color draws attention to her unique hazel eyes.


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Green Eyes: Burnt Auburn

Got green eyes? Lucy Hale has your ideal auburn aesthetic. The actress’s at-home transition from a dark brunette hue to this autumn-approved color is a top-tier tresse transformation. With warm notes of chestnut and burnt sienna, Colorist Kristen Ess crafted a ginger dream come true for every green-eyed girl.


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Blue Eyes: Cool Classic Auburn

Cool tones are key when it comes to blue eyes. Actress Bryce Dallas Howard stuns with this classic autumn tone. Not too brassy, not too dark—this simple classic auburn really pops against light irises.


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