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The Best Shade of Balayage for You, Based on Your Skin Undertone

Balayage has been around for more than a minute now – so odds are you’ve tried this trend once or twice.

But balayage comes in all shades and sizes. How do you know which blended tone is right for you? The secret is all in the undertone. This subtle highlighting technique absolutely glow with just the right selection of shades. From caramel-colored contours to bright bubbly accents, find your perfect balayage below!

1. Warm: Golden Notes

That gorgeous glow is totally in the cards for those with warm undertones. Take it from JLo – golden hour all day everyday.


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2. Cool: Soft Chestnut Balayage

Working with cool undertones? A subtle chestnut balayage provides the perfect balance to to a natural brunette base.


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3. Olive: Caramel Highlights

Caramel colored highlights never looked so sweet. Olive undertones work wonders with this candy-colored balayage.

4. Neutral: Latte Balayage

Neutral skin tones look amazing when paired with a latte-inspired blend. A light, neutral blonde is the perfect compliment.


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