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The Best Bang Shape for Your Hair Texture

Full on fringe can be a little bit intimidating – after all, it’s a serious commitment with serious consequences.

So it’s best to do a little research before diving off the deep end. Finding the right bang shape is basically its own science. Face shape, hair thickness, cowlicks, styling tolerance, and a host of other variables must be taken under consideration when deciding how exactly to trim your tresses.

So we’re removing some of the guesswork here, taking hair texture out of the equation. Whether your locks are pin straight or tightly coiled, read on to find your ideal bang shape.

Straight: Blunt Bangs

Sharp lines are tough to pull off, but they work well for super straight strands. Whether you’re going for the micro-crop or an eyebrow-length take, severe, razor sharp fringe is a must for this hair texture.


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Lightly Waved: Curtain Fringe

The coveted lived-in aesthetic is just too easy for those with lightly waved tresses. Lean into your natural bend with a center-parted curtain bang.

Wavy Manes: Heavy Bangs

Highlight your gorgeous wavy mane with a decadent heavy bang. Opting for thick, rather than wispy, fringe gives touchable texture to a wavy mane.

Loose Curls: Shaggy Bangs

This lovely look is light and layered. King Princess knows exactly how to pull off the modern shag, with wispy front-facing fringe her natural curls take center stage.


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Tight Curls: Long Front Fringe

Nothing too structured to see here – just ultra-chic, eyelash length front fringe we’re obsessed with. Zendaya’s tight curls add bounce to this band shape.


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Coils: Layered Bangs

A slightly rounded shape, longer on the sides and shorter in the middle, perfectly compliments a coiled mane. A gorgeous gradient adds volume and highlights each coil’s texture and shape.


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