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11 Chic Hairstyles to Wear With a Beanie

These looks give a whole new meaning to hat hair! There are certain things you can’t avoid as the temp drops, and a hat is usually one of them. To make sure you stay warm (and stylish), we’ve put together the ultimate guide to beanie hairstyles, so you can keep your tresses totally under control no matter what the weather is doing. Here are the best styles to avoid hat hair, while making this so-necessary accessory the ultimate compliment to your look. Let the manespo begin.

Show Your Curls

Ringlets add movement and texture, perfect for if you’re under wraps. Don’t forget to spritz on some light hold hair spray to keep the static away.

Do the Double Braid

The complexity of your braid is up to you—whether you’re doing the three-strand standard or getting into double dutch and fishtail territory, your hair will stay put and look on trend. What more can you ask for?


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Loose Waves

Don’t skip your blowout just because you’ll be under a beanie. The glam meets casual combo gives you a wintery update on effortless.

Long, Longer, Longest

Long locks? No worries. This style-staple is given new life with the help of a styling wand and our favorite winter hat. Mist with an anti-frizz product for all day shine.

Le Lob

Your summer cut is just as relevant in the winter, especially when the texture is exaggerated.

Center Stage Braid

A sturdy center braid anchors your style, and we love knowing we’re going to come home looking like we left. Use a light hairspray for hold and shine.


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Side Braid

Like the center and double braids, nothing says “ready for winter” cuteness than a side braid under a beanie.


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Low Bun

How chic and sophisticated is this low bun and beanie combo? It’s unexpected and prevents your hair from getting all tangly at the nape of your neck.

Straight Up

Get the iron! Pin straight strands are far from lifeless—a beanie is a texture lift. Run an oil through strands to tame flyaways while delivering much needed nourishment.

To the Side

If your hair feels overwhelming, we get it. Sometimes the snow can make our tresses crazier than the humidity. In that case, push it to the side. This is a no-fail way to get your mane out of your way while looking très chic.


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Dress up pigtails with a deconstructed braid or go for a bubble effect for added oomph.

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