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All the Best Black Widow Hair Tutorials, Courtesy of TikTok

A fresh take on a classic character, three badass actresses, and a whole lot of hair inspo? Yeah, Black Widow did that. When Marvel’s latest installation hit theaters last month, we were immediately captivated. Not just by the holy trinity that is ScarJo, Florence Pugh, and Rachel Weisz together in one movie, but also by the braids. The Russian-assassin origin story featured an array of enviable plaits. The inspiration was truly endless. From Florence Pugh’s wrap-around milkmaid braid to ScarJo’s teeny tiny plaited ponytail, we’re dying to recreate these iconic Black Widow hairstyles. And when it comes to nailing a pop culture tress-trend, TikTok is where to turn. Where would we be without Gen Z’s social media hair tutorials? Check out five Black Widow hair tutorials, courtesy of TikTok.

Scarlette Johanson as Black Widow sporting one of the many popular hairstyles from the film
(Black Widow via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

1. ScarJo’s Double Braided Waves

We love a simple tutorial, especially one as stunning as this. With killer waves and just two simple braids, you’re ready for your Marvel movie moment. It truly is one of our favorite Black Widow hairstyles to date.


@gingersnarkReply to @alyssavjaffe I love how casual this style is! It can be dressed up or down so easily 🥰 ##blackwidow ##hairtutorial ##easyhairstyles♬ Smells Like Teen Spirit – Malia J

2. Florence’s Double Pony

Okay, it looks like Flo’s character Yelena had a bit of an onscreen Ariana Grande moment with this double pony hair hack. Her easy updo adds instant length to a tousled ponytail.


@therealfaithallisonwhen I saw we had the same hair texture I knew I had to try this ##hair ##hairtutorial ##blackwidow ##blackwidowmovie ##hairtransformation♬ formula – favsoundds

3. Rachel Weisz’s Maze Braid

We’re not afraid to admit that this braid is intimidating AF. But this TikTok hair tutorial makes Melina’s Black Widow maze braid look less daunting. You’ll need to break out the rattail comb for this one.


@gingersnarkReply to @cool90smom ##hairstyle ##hairtutorial ##blackwidow♬ Lo-Fi analog beat – Gloveity

4. ScarJo’s Battle Braids

Natasha’s final look is a serious show-stopper. With tiny plaits wrapped around a glossy ponytail, this battle-ready aesthetic is super unique. Recreate it with this helpful tutorial!


@vanessa.jolie87The absolute power this hairstyle brings me is DANGEROUS @nicklcage ##blackwidow ##blackwidowmovie ##hairtutorial ##natasharomanoff ##mcu♬ Smells Like Teen Spirit – Malia J

5. Florence’s Milkmaid Braid

Functional beauty. This is the kind of updo you can wear on a day date, to a black tie gala, or you know, on a mission to destroy the Red Room.


@kilypsoReply to @hermine.brns as frequently requested here is a tutorial for ##yelena ##belovas ##hairstyle ##blackwidow ##scarjo ##florencepugh♬ Smells Like Teen Spirit – Malia J

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