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The Best Blonde For You- According to Your Eye Color

With summer temperatures and salon reopenings on the horizon, we’re contemplating taking our strands a hue or two lighter this June. But with an array of fresh sunny shades taking off this season, it’s hard to select the one that’s just right. While there are many things to consider when upping your color to a lighter level (like commitment level, skin tone, base color, etc), one of the biggest musts is matching your eye color. Nothing pops like a blonde that emphasizes your eyes, right? So we rounded up the ideal tuned up tone for every iris here. Read on to find out which summer blonde is right for you, based on your eye color. 

1. Brown: Allover Ash Blonde

While brown eyes traditionally pair with warmer gold shades, we’re going all in on allover ash this summer instead. This cooler hue is the ultimate cool-girl selection. While a sunkissed shade tends to lighten the look of the iris, an ash blonde emphasizes the gorgeous darker tones in brown-eyed babes. 

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2. Hazel: Sandy Blonde

Talk about a beach-ready hue! This sandy blonde is ready for some summer sunshine. Sandy blondes are ideal for those of us with hazel eyes. With cooler tones throughout, this banging blonde shade accentuates the unique and varied colors encompassed in hazel eyes. 

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This Biz Boss is about to present a Boss Queen in moments at the @amas. Get ready.

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3. Green: Bright Blonde

Green eyes are the rarest eye color around. So match them with a hard-to-pull of blonde for an edgy af combination. A bright, bubbly blonde is the perfect back drop for your green eye pop. It’s important to note that this blonde is not a platinum, it’s got just the right amount of warmth (without brassiness, of course). 

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4. Blue: Platinum with Roots

Blue eyes and platinum locks have gone hand in hand for decades. But this summer, we’re not sticking to a traditional icy tone. We recommend our blue-eyed Mane Addicts give the grown out look a go. With just a half inch or so of your natural hue peaking through, this platinum ‘do is made all the more edgy. 

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