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CITY GUIDE: The 5 Best Blowouts in NYC

With New York Fashion Week well underway, whether you’re in town for the big event or just following along on our behind-the-scenes beauty coverage, read on for our roundup of the top salons to visit in NYC to make sure your mane is looking runway ready!

  DREAMDRY Rachel Zoe’s DreamDry salon offers Hollywood-inspired bombshell blowouts without the designer price tag. With two chic NYC locations and blowouts at $40, you can have enviable (and affordable) “Farrah” hair in under an hour! If you’re stopping in on your lunch break or in need of a quick pick-me-up, try their 20-minute express hairstyling for $30, which includes you, dry shampoo, and your choice of braids, topknots or ponytails to revamp your tresses. dreamdry salon NYC The salon opens its doors bright and early at 6:30am, so you can tell everyone you woke up like this! With VIP memberships, a loyalty rewards program, and exclusive use of Oribe hair care, this blowout bar is truly a dream come true! 35 W 21st Street | NY, NY 10010      315 W 57th Street | NY, NY 10019   DRYBAR One of the first salons to exclusively offer blowout services in lieu of cut and color, Drybar, with 10 NYC locations and counting, takes it up a notch by infusing the concept of an upscale salon with a laid-back Cali vibe. Just like DreamDry, Blowouts are a flat $40, and the best part? Your complimentary cocktail! drybar nyc Think of the stylist as your friendly neighborhood bartender, with six cocktail-inspired signature blowouts and shots of hydrating hair treatments always on tap! For those who regularly go for blowouts, save with their package deals, aptly named, bar tabs. In tune with the 21st century salon-goer, enjoy your favorite romcom on their flatscreen TV’s, each station is equipped with iPhone chargers, and you can book an appointment online 24/7. 4 W 16th Street | NY, NY 10011 (multiple locations)   MISS JESSIE’S SALON For our curly haired girls, this full-service salon, complete with Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar, is a necessary stop on your travel itinerary. The perfect antidote to stick-straight styling, the team at Miss Jessie’s specializes in embracing your natural curls and texture so you leave looking fierce and feeling confident! miss jessie's salon nyc With a variety of deep-conditioning treatments and their own line of hair care specifically formulated for bouncy, vibrant waves, visit the “proven experts in curls” to make sure your mane is runway ready! 441 Broadway Suite 2 | NY, NY 10013   SALLY HERSHBERGER DOWNTOWN Winner of Allure’s Best Blowout every year since 2011, Matt Fugate of Sally Hershberger Salon is well worth the splurge! In the heart of the meatpacking district, this salon is the definition of cool-girl city chic. Regularly styling the manes of Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively, and Claire Danes, for $100, this Mane Master will transform your tired, limp locks into a bombshell blowout that will last for days. sally hershberger salon nyc Fugate is worth every penny, and his take on the classic blowout will make you feel like a bona fide celebrity too! “Most of my styling technique is a mindset of quality over quantity. Everything I do has a purpose. Also personalization. I try not to curl just to curl, I like to add wave where I want to bring out someone’s features; like the eyes, dimples, or open up the collarbone.” If you aren’t heading to NYC anytime soon, check out Matt’s best tips and tricks to master the perfect blowout at home. 425 W 14th Street | NY, NY 10014   RPZL For those beauty babes looking to dramatically transform your look in an instant, RPZL offers a glamorous blowout bar that specializes in extensions! Whether you want to amplify your look temporarily for Fashion Week or you’re interested in adding permanent length, with a top-secret, high-quality Hair House (we’re not kidding) all extensions at RPZL are blended on-sight especially for you during your consultation! RPZL NYC Party favors include a goodie bag with instructions on how to care for your added length and extra hair to take with you in a silver tote. With every option from clip-ins, a peek-a-boo pop of color, or a full set, this salon is sure to go above and beyond your expectations for blown out, princess-perfect locks! Hair Hack: Save your hair! RPZL offers free extension applications anytime you come back in for a blowout. 27 W 20th Street | NY, NY 10011   

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