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Become the CEO You’ve Always Wanted to Be With These Capricorn Haircuts

As you can probably tell from the boss babe energy in the air, we’re well into Capricorn season. This is the ideal time to cross off everything on your to-do list, including getting a new haircut. And we know just which styles work best. Scroll below for eight Capricorn haircuts that will have you feeling like the ultimate CEO.

1. Blunt Bob With Blunt Bangs

Perhaps there is no hairstyle more domineering than the blunt bob paired with blunt bangs. Capricorn means business. They do not mess around, and neither does this hairstyle.


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2. Pixie With Sideswept Bangs

Capricorns tend to have a very commanding presence wherever they go. A sweet pixie with romantic sideswept bangs can soften that harshness, while still giving them an edge. Not everyone can rock a pixie look, but a Capricorn sure can.


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3. Feathered Bob With Fringe

Bobs are a fantastic haircut for a Capricorn, because they’re easy to manage and really exude those boss babe vibes a Cap is known for. They can be a bit intense for some born under the sign, which is why the feathered bob with fringe is a great option. It’s an easy, breezy look that can be styled for the boardroom or a night out in a matter of seconds.

4. Loose Straight Layers

Capricorns are not ones to fuss over their hair too much. They want something that’s low-maintenance, so loose straight layers are very fitting for the sign. The locks can be styled a number of ways or worn as is, which will light up a Cap’s heart with glee.

5. Rounded A-Line Lob

The rounded A-line lob is a very polished and put-together look, so it’s obviously very fitting for a Capricorn. And the cut is perfect for those who aren’t ready to go bob-length just yet.

6. Shoulder-Length Center-Parted Hair

Shoulder-length cuts are ideal for a Capricorn, because they’re relatively low-maintenance. That and they can be worn down or up without having to put too much effort into the look. Pairing it with a center part makes it look a bit more serious, which is just what a Cap craves.


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7. Midi Haircut With Flipped-Up Ends

The midi is another great medium-length look for a Capricorn. It’s not too short, not too long, but rather just right. Consider it the Goldilocks of Capricorn haircuts, if you will. Pairing it with flipped-up ends will add plenty of volume and dimension. Not to mention, it gives a Capricorn something to play with when they feel like stepping out of their comfort zone.


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8. Shaggy Lob

A shaggy lob doesn’t scream Capricorn, but it suits the sign perfectly. Yes, a Capricorn is all about business, but they don’t shy away from having fun. This shag look will remind them of that every time they look in the mirror.


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