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Every ‘Bridgerton’ Hair Moment We’re Still Obsessing Over

We know you’re all equally as captivated as we are by Bridgerton and all its glory—hello, the duke? It would be a serious crime not to share all the jaw-dropping hair moments we’re still obsessing over ATM so please feel free to scroll through and gawk with us.

Queen Charlotte’s Bird Cage Extravaganza

Honestly, where do we even start when it comes to Her Majesty? We’re obsessed with every single one of her hair looks, but let’s kick things off with her brilliant, bird cage-adorned beehive. If you don’t walk into your next pow wow with at least two of those on your head, you might as well turn around and go home, TBH.

Daphne Bridgerton’s Feathered Braid Crown

We love a good braid crown ’round these parts so Daphne Bridgerton’s dazzling feathered one had to be included here. We deeply appreciate how the gems on her crown perfectly complement the dress and feather. 10/10 for Miss Daphne.

Lady Danbury’s Curled & Elegant Ponytail

Lady Danbury’s curly, elegant ponytail fully matches her ‘disapproving aunt’ vibe and we’re living for it. If anyone else tried to rock this ‘do, it just wouldn’t quite land. There’s a bun, there’s a ponytail and some coils in the front? Unheard of, but also, iconic.

Queen Charlotte’s Ruby-Encrusted Updo

If you thought we could crank out a ‘hair moments’ piece and not include more than one look from the queen, you seriously thought wrong. Frame this pic and put it in the MoMa, please. This delicately styled braid maze is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.

Marina Thompson’s Stunning, Textured High Bun

We love that despite how many grandiose hair looks there are on this show, textured locks are still celebrated in a beautiful way. Marina’s curly, high bun is effortless and stood out remarkably in a sea of wigs. The tiny tiara adds just the right amount of poise.

Prudence & Philipa Featherington’s Embellished, Floral Coils

The sassy, but classy Featherington sisters make the list for their fiery, floral curl look. Points for accessorizing their hair to match their dresses.

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