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The Best Brushes to Use on Thick Hair

If you’ve ever had a Princess Diaries moment and witnessed your thick mane break a brush, we’re here to assuage your fears and help you avoid said hairy situation. Below, we break down the best brushes for thick hair and frizzy hair types including the round, paddle, and oval brushes for detangling, styling, blowing out, and more. Find the brush your hair needs now!

Brush breaking in Mia's thick hair in the Princess Diaries makeover scene | Mane Addicts
(The Princess Diaries via Buena Vista Pictures)

Hey, mane muse! We wanted to give you a heads up that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that Mane Addicts will collect a small share of the sale from any purchase you make from the products we recommend.

GHD Paddle Brush: $35

GHD’s paddle brush is best for longer lengths that are thick. Use it to detangle wet or dry hair without causing frizz or kinks.

GHD Paddle Brush

(via Sephora)

Olivia Garden Eco Ceramic Firm Bristle Thermal Collection: $30-$45

The firm bristles on this brush are ideal for thick, coarse hair that requires more tension while styling. The best part is that it’s made of Nylgard™ bristles which are heat resistant up to 550°F. It even comes in four different sizes.

Olivia Garden Eco Ceramic Firm Bristle Thermal Collection

(via Olivia Garden)

Mason Pearson Detangle Hair Brush: $130

Despite its hefty price, the Mason Pearson Brush remains a kit favorite. If your texture is on the thicker side, this one is designed especially for you. The detangler features six ringlets of Nylon brushes and comes with a bristle cleaner.

Mason Pearson Detangling Brush

(via Anthropologie)

R+Co Ergonomic Non-Slip Detangling Brush: $24

If you didn’t know R+Co made brushes, you should. Their detangling brush works on everything from shorter lengths to long and even curly, unruly textures.

R+Co Ergonomic Non-Slip Detangling Brush

(via R+Co)

Ibiza Hair G17 Brush: $62

The extra-long narrow barrel on Ibiza’s G17 brush allows for easier movement. It’s ideal for creating texture, waves, or smoothness on frizzy or coarse hair types.

Ibiza Hair G17 Brush

(via Ibiza Hair)

Harry Josh Pro Tools Premium Oval Brush: $50

Mane Master Harry Josh works with the best of the best, and translated his knowledge of hair types into his Oval Brush. Great for detangling all hair types, this wooden paddle brush can detangle without creating knots or style thick strands easily thanks to the brush’s flared bristle pattern.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Premium Oval Brush

(via Dermstore)

Fromm 1907 Copper Thermal Brush: $18.99

The copper core barrel on Fromm’s round brush dries hair 30% faster while its bristles deliver a super firm grip on thick locks for adding oomph.

Fromm  Heat Duo Copper Thermal Brush

(via Ulta)

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