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8 CBD Hair Products You’re Not Using But Should

You know something is a game-changing hair ingredient when our Mane Addicts editors can’t stop raving about it. Such is currently the case with all things CBD hair products. Out of the blue, CBD seemed to have popped up everywhere, and yes, even on our editor’s shelves. Although this magical compound won’t get you high, it will give you gorgeous hair. Here are eight under-the-radar CBD hair products you aren’t using but should!

EMERA Nourishing CBD Shampoo: $24.99

This formula delivers a one-two punch with nourishing nutrients and soothing botanical extracts that act in unison with their high quality CBD.

Emera CBD Shampoo

(via Emera)

CBD Daily Conditioner: $19

This Leaping Bunny Certified formula fights frizz and gives your locks a healthy dose of TLC.

CBD Daily conditioner

(via Dr. Ganja)

CBD for Life CBD Shampoo: $23

Botanicals pair with essential oils to restore, moisturize, and fortify hair in this natural formula.

CBD Daily Shampoo

(via Dr. Ganja)

Gloss.Me by Design.Me CBD Hair Oil: $30

The secret ingredient in this high-shine formula is cannabis sativa seed oil. This blend of oils will give you the perfect shine without weighing down your strands.

Gloss.Me by Design.Me CBD Hair Oil

(via Design.Me)

The CBD Skincare Co. Shampoo: $38

Exfoliating fruit extracts and a healthy dose of CBD will transform your hair with this nourishing formula.

The CBD Skincare Co. Shampoo

(via The CBD Skincare Co.)

Cibaderm Hemp Oil Conditioner: $19

Free of harsh chemicals, this weightless formula strengthens locks while adding shine.

Cibaderm Hemp Oil Conditioner

(via CBD Meds)

EMERA Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy: $29.99

This line boasts the only professional salon scalp treatment with CBD. The product moisturizes as it improves overall hair health.

EMERA Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy

(via Emera)

Nomad Transcend Serum: $38

Omega 3, 6, and 9-rich Hemp CBD oil revitalizes and resurrects broken strands, while reversing heat and environmental damage. Also, how chic is the packaging?

Nomad Transcend Serum

(via Nomad)

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