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6 Celebs Who Are Giving Us Major Summer Braid Envy

Braids, braids and more braids. We can’t get enough of these celebs and their gorgeous, protective styles😍. Scroll through below for all the stars giving us major summer braid envy just a few weeks early (it’s right around the corner!).

1. Tessa Thompson

Thor: Ragnarok goddess Tessa Thompson is slaying these extra long braids. The makeup, hair and outfit just scream Valkyrie to us and we almost wish she would have worn this style in the movie. Manifesting it for her next Thor appearance, thank you.

2. Tracee Ellis Ross

Anyone else spend their down time wishing they were Tracee Ellis Ross? We know it’s not just us. These on-set braids are a total show-stopper. We’ll be saving this ’70s-esque look to our summer mood board (hair and all).

3. Zendaya

I mean, come on. We lose our minds over absolutely everything Zendaya does, so why wouldn’t her epic braid look be included on this list? She has an outdoor BBQ vibe going with this look which is next-level for the warmer months. Epic angel glow not included (soz).

4. Alicia Keys

Not two, not three, but four braided ponies for our girl Alicia. TBH, only Alicia could make these strategically-placed braids look as stunning as they do, but we had to add for inspo anyway.

5. Lupita Nyong’o

Even if you won’t be on vacay this summer, you can feel like you are by executing your own version of Lupita’s look. Hater blockers on, all summer long, Lupita.

6. Keke Palmer

When in doubt, go the Kiki route. There’s something ultra-glam about long, colored box braids and, as usual, Kiki executes them perfectly.

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