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A Definitive Ranking of the Best Clip-In Extensions

Nothing is better than the volume and length fake hair can give you. By the same token, nothing is worse than bad extensions. Sometimes, our best efforts for long, beautiful hair can be thwarted with fake looking strands that give us up immediately. Extensions are also a huge investment and making sure you buy good quality hair is important. For these reasons, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite hair extension brands that offer clip in extensions.

 1. Balmain

The first time we heard Balmain had some of the highest quality hair extensions out there we said, “Quelle surprise!” Not because we didn’t expect anything but the best from the brand, but because extensions with such chic accessories had never been achieved before. The company offers half wigs, bangs (that they call “fringe”) and traditional clip ins. Their offerings are inspired by the magic that happens backstage during Balmain’s fashion shows. You can feel like a supermodel with these clip in extensions, no flight to Paris needed.

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2. The Hair Shop

This chain of Los Angeles-based hair shops practically has a cult following. You will hear pro after pro tell anecdotes of how The Hair Shop saved the day for their last-minute hair needs. They offer professional extensions, but it’s a little known secret that regulars can also walk-in and request a free consultation for extensions including clip-ins. The staff is super knowledgable and friendly, a tough feat in a place like LA. If you don’t live in the area, fear not. They sell online and provide hi-def swatches for you to match your new hair exactly to your real strands.

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3. Hidden Crown

If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for us! Hidden Crown is definitely a go-to when celebrity hairstylists like Justine Marjan want to create volume and length for their clients. They offer a few clip in options in 100% human Remy hair. For the uninitiated, Remy hair is one of the highest tiers of human hair in the industry. This type of hair still has its outer cuticle layer and all of the hair follicles should face the same direction. The result is natural looking extensions that last longer, stay shiner and tangle free. Hidden Crown also tapers off their pieces to make the bottom of the clip in slightly decrease, similarly to how your natural hair behaves.

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4. Bellami

Bellami has been killing the Instagram influencer game for a while. Not only do they have over one million followers (1.7m and counting!), the brand has collaborated with in-the-know pros like Guy Tang and Kylie Jenner. They offer a super vast selection of clip ins in all lengths and colors, and even have a section for clip in bangs if you are in the mood. You can purchase their loot online but if you aren’t the DIY matching type, you can also visit any of their Bellami Beauty Bar locations all over the States and Canada.

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5. Rapunzel of Sweden

Scandinavians have good hair and this brand knows it. Although they offer synthetic extensions, stick with the real human hair version for this brand. They offer a clip in “hair scrunchie” that is exactly like what it sounds: a circular hair tie made out of hair. Other great clip in options you can find from Rapunzel of Sweden include ponytails and bangs. Their exclusive “luxury” tier of product has never been processed (except for color) and comes from European hair. How is that for natural looking hair?

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Still trying to figure out if clip ins are the right investment for you? THIS handy guide will help you consider other types of extensions too.

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