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Our Fave Coachella Hairstyles Of All Time

With spring comes festival season, and since the vibes are in full gear we decided to take a trip down memory mane lane for a rearview of our favorite looks. From beauty knots to signature crown braids to Kendall Jenner’s now iconic space buns, we’ve put together the best of the best for inspiration. Ahead, seven examples of the best Coachella hair ever.


Game of Thrones Braid

Leave it to Kate Bosworth to bring the boho vibes with this multi-braided Game of Thrones-esque braid ponytail.

Bantu Knots

 Functional and festival-fierce, Amandla’s bantu knots slay again and again.

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Wave-Blue Strands

A post shared by Jourdan Dunn (@jourdandunn) on

 Jourdan’s ocean-inspired hue made waves in the desert.


Boho Hat

Rocky Barnes is forever our balayage-boho bae.

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Grecian Crown

Flower crowns can always sit with us, but sometimes we need space. Alessandra got the idea when she opted for a laurel leaf crown—talk about a breath of fresh air!


Desert Waves

Jade Marie just gets us—braid charms and big, loose waves are our festival jam.


Pastel Rainbow

 KJ’s long, whimsical locks gave us the taste of a pastel rainbow.

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 A tiny braid makes a bold statement when paired with wild highlights.

A post shared by ⚡Simi & Haze⚡ (@simihaze) on


Deep Side Part Mohawk Braid

Nothing cool girl-ifies a look like Shay’s mohawk braid.

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Space Buns

Devon’s buns transformed her into space cadet cutie. Get the look with our step-by-step, here.

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Big Sun Hat

We can’t cope with the Coachella heat without a cute statement straw hat like Vanessa Hudgens’.

Warrior Braids

Chiara Ferragni’s braided pigtails are proof short haircuts can get in on the festival fun.

Bubble Ponytail

A chic updo we can create without heat tools? We’ll be wearing this ponytail on repeat every year.

Get your best Coachella hair ever with these 7 must-have accessories.

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