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The Best Cutting Shears, According to 8 Top Hairstylists

We’ve already let you in on how to care for your shears. Now it’s time to talk about the crème de la crème of the cutting tools, with a little insight from the mane masters. In the gallery below, celebrity hairstylists share their favorite hair shears for blunt bobs, layers, and more. Discover the best hairstylist cutting shears, according to the top professionals in the business, below!

Best Hair Shears

Hairstylists Buddy Porter, Justine Marjan, Lee Rittiner, Colleen Duffy, Anh Co Tran, Shai Amiel, Cervando Maldonado, and Alex Brown share their favorite hair shears. Whose recommendation will you try?

We know we mentioned this earlier, but caring for your shears is just as important as finding the right pair. Now that you have the best ones for you, HERE is how to care for them!

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