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7 Essential Oils That Do Wonders For Your Hair

As long as you do a little ingredient research, a quick trip to Sephora or the drugstore can get you one step closer to strong, shiny hair. But dig a little deeper into your hair products’ ingredients labels and you’ll realize that essential oils are a large part of the reason you adore the product for its ability to add shine, fight frizz, or whatever amazingness it’s doing for your mane. So why not up the benefits by adding real essentials oils to your favorite products, or better yet, creating concoctions from scratch? From patchouli oil’s ability to protect the scalp to peppermint oil’s hair growth-inducing goodness, these are the best essential oils for your hair.

Ylang Ylang

From a topical ylang ylang tree originated in Indonesia, ylan ylang essential oil reduces scalp inflammation due to antibacterial properties, which leads to more amazingness for your mane. How? An unhealthy scalp can cause hair follicles to weaken, increasing the likelihood of fall out—but not on ylang ylang’s watch.


Get this: Your favorite fall Netflix and chill tea repairs and enhances blonde hair, in addition to soothing the scalp. Drop chamomile essential oil in with your conditioner to reap all its benefits.


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Cedarwood, from confierous families of trees like pine and cypress, strengthens the hair shaft and improves circulation. That means fuller hair sans extensions. Make this easy cedarwood hair serum and apply on wet or dry hair then rinse.

Tea Tree

Remembering to pamper your scalp is hard because it’s out of sight, out of mind—but your mane would be much healthier if you tended to it daily. The best way? Tea tree oil. The potent herb is microbial and maintains scalp pH, while also unclogging pores that prevent new hair from growing.


If your scalp has problems, make patchouli essential oil your mane’s BFF asap. Because it’s an antiseptic and astringent, patchouli prevents dandruff and accelerates the healing of scalp wounds. Even more impressive is its ability to curb an oily scalp.


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The refreshing leaf’s oil does more than just tickle you senses. Its menthol component increases blood circulation around the scalp, thereby stimulating hair growth. Mix a couple drops of peppermint essential oil into your shampoo, or massage it directly on your scalp for a cooling sensation and longer hair.


The natural stress-relieving, slumber-inducing remedy also regenerates hair follicles by stimulating circulation. Combine a few drops of lavender essential oil into your leave-in conditioner, then dry and style as you would normally. Your ‘do will glow and smell fresh.

Curious to learn more about how essential oils benefit your hair? HERE is what an expert has to say about using them in your haircare routine!

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