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Kim Kardashian’s Extension Pro Dishes on the Best Type of Extensions for Thinning Hair

Thin hair can affect women at many stages in their life (post-pregnancy, during hormonal imbalances, when you experience stressful periods, etc.) and well-executed hair extensions may be the only quick fix to restore fullness. We searched far and wide for a stylist who would dish on the best types of extensions for thinning hair and finally found her. If you’ve ever stared in awe at the full manes of starlets like JLo, Kim Kardashian, or Kylie Jenner, Violet Teriti of Chaviv Hair was most likely behind those luscious locks. Below, she shares the best hair extensions for thin hair.

What Are the Best Extensions for Thin Hair?

“[The] best technique for thin hair would be either micro beaded individuals or tapes,” starts our pro. “Microbeaded individuals are very light. The smallest strands are being attached to the client’s hair with beads, so there is no glue or heat.”

If a person suffering from thin hair is going for extensions, “they should get a medium-length style, not too long.” This will avoid fake-looking hair that gives the wearer away. She also recommends a client sees their extension artist at least every two months to reinstall the extensions. This prevents the actual extension from being too heavy for their own hair and thus, creating further thinning or in bad cases, balding.

How Do You Know Which Extensions Are Right for You?

If your budget doesn’t match JLo’s, fear not. Violet is also great at imparting knowledge for the at-home set. If you are going the DIY route and buying clip-ons, you want to make sure the color and texture match your true hair before purchasing any extension set. “Don’t sleep with non-permanent extensions in your hair,” the pro warns. “Compare your own hair with the set of extensions you’re purchasing. If it feels too shiny, or you feel like you’re buying a doll’s head of hair, run away!”

When probed about her favorite clip-on at-home brands she responds, “I don’t believe in bigger hair brands because hair doesn’t grow on the trees. If companies are claiming that they have 100% human hair and they offer hundreds of packs of the same clip-in set, does that sound 100% human?”

Once you committed to getting professional extensions and your pro set you up with real hair, upkeep is easy. “Keep hair clean [by washing] twice a week. Towel hair dry and use a few drops of oil on the extensions. Make sure you use a wet brush to avoid tangles and your best bet is to braid them at night.”

If you are still on the fence about taking the extension leap, don’t stress. The next best thing to extensions according to Violet? Biotin shots! “The best tip for thinning hair clients is to get biotin shots, with or without extensions,” she exclaims.

Wondering how to find the right shade of hair extensions? Read our handy-dandy guide HERE!

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