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The Best Face-Framing Layers for Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is a pivotal stepping stone to finding what flatters you specifically. This key bit of information will guide you in all things haircuts and color. Understanding where to cut and highlight draws attention to the parts of the face you love while concealing whatever it is you don’t necessarily adore. After you figure out your face shape you can confirm which layers will actually frame your face instead of just hanging there. Seriously, this one bit of information is a true game-changer. Read on to discover the best face-framing layers for your face shape!

Heart Face Shape

If Reese Witherspoon or Chloë Grace Moretz are your face shape twins, then you should show off those killer cheekbones with a statement cut. Think Miley’s mullet or a short cut with piece-y layers. Opt for texture to create movement. Remember, the bolder the better—you can pull it all off.


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Oval Face Shape

Like the shape sounds, oval faces are, well, oval. Think of an upside-down egg (and then draw an eyes, nose, mouth). If your face is longer than wide, you probably skew oval. While almost all layers will frame an oval face (you are versatile), medium-length won’t weigh you down. Turn to oval lady Bella Hadid as your go-to inspiration for face-framing layers.


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Square Face Shape

If your jawline points out and your face is basically as wide as it is long, congratulations you have a square face shape. Square faces are more angular and defined, like your fellow square beauty Zoe Kravitz. Highlight all those angles with a shorter cut, including the pixie. Sideswept bangs and flowy blended layers are another option to soften up your look and create a flattering contrast.


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Round Face Shape

Those with round face shapes have a softer, rounded chin; the widest part of the face is the cheekbones. Long layers flatter anyone with a rounder face. Note that these ladies can actually carry a center part (remember our favorite generational divide TikTok debate from a few months back). Bangs also work well on round faces as do lobs. If you have a round face, you’re in good company—Selena Gomez and Chrissy Teigen are your compadres.


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Diamond Face Shape

You’re quite the trendsetter, whether you know it or not. For diamond face shapes, curtain bangs are the ultimate face-framing layers. They really help balance out your features. Sideswept bangs also work well for you.


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Have you been tempted to try the mullet? Before you do the ‘do, discover the best mullet for your face shape HERE!

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