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13 Festival Braids That You Need to Try at Coachella

Coachella is just around the corner and time seems to be crawling. Before your count down kicks off, finding a no-fuss style that can withstand the Sahara-esque temps at the music marathon is a must. Enter: Festival braids. Below is an elite family of festival braids to consider wearing for your best Coachella ever.

1. Spiked Strands

The new and improved braid rings: spikes. Follow Desi Perkin’s lead and amp up the edge of your festival look.

2. Musical Mermaid

If you’re going for a dainty braid, elevate the look with a temporary color spray.

3. Braid-y Bunch

When it comes to Coachella, we say the more braids, the better. Tip: Apply a sun protection spray to protect your scalp.

4. Hoop, There It Is

Bust out your collection of hoop earrings to dazzle your braids for the ultimate DIY accessory.

5. All Braids Lead to Buns

The best way to ensure your mane doesn’t interrupt your fun? A sweat-proof braid-bun updo like this one.

6. Double Dutch Braids

Classic yet cool, double Dutch braids still have our attention. Get the look with our step-by-step here.

7. Fishtail for Days

Festival braid on steroids? We’re into it. Take a hint from the hair chameleon blogger and style your mane into a big fat fishtail.

8. Play It Chic

Channel your inner off-duty model and sport this playful, braid-adorned half-up look.

9. Rings and Things

Adding rings to your braids is an easy way to stand out on the Coachella festival grounds.

10. Fringe Ends

Leave the ends out of your fishtail braid for that unfinished facade.

11. Peek-a-Boo Side Part

A small braid puts the perfect festival spin on a simple deep side part and spruces up your everyday ‘do.

12. For the Lust of Lavender

Not ready to commit to an unconventional color? Give yourself some temporary highlights with a color spray.

13. Hint of Hue

Pick up your favorite thread or yarn from your local craft store to upgrade your half-up fishtail.

Get Coachella ready with our guide on the do’s and don’ts to Coachella hair HERE!

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