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13 Festival Braids That You Need to Try at Coachella

Coachella is just around the corner and time seems to be crawling. Before your count down kicks off, finding a no-fuss style that can withstand the Sahara-esque temps at the music marathon is a must. Enter: Festival braids. Ahead, an elite family of festival braids to consider wearing for your best Coachella ever.

1. Spiked Strands

The new and improved braid rings: spikes. Follow Desi Perkin’s lead and amp up the edge of your festival look.

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2. Musical Mermaid

If you’re going for a dainty braid, elevate the look with a temporary color spray.

3. Braid-y Bunch

When it comes to Coachella, we say the more braids, the better. Tip: Apply a sun protection spray to protect your scalp.


4. Hoop There It Is

Bust out your collection of hoop earrings to dazzle your braids for the ultimate DIY accessory.

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5. All Braids Lead to Buns

The best way to ensure your mane doesn’t interrupt your fun? A sweat-proof braid-bun updo like this one.

6. Double Dutch Braids

Classic yet cool, double Dutch braids still have our attention. Get the look with our step-by-step, here.

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7. Fishtail For Days

Festival braid on steroids? We’re into it. Take a hint from the hair chameleon blogger and style your mane into a big fat fishtail.


8. Play It Chic

Channel your inner off-duty model and sport this playful, braid-adorned half-up look.

9. Rings and Things

A triple mohawk braid is the ultimate Coachella outfit accessory.

10. Fringe Ends

Leave the ends out of your fishtail braid for that unfinished facade.

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11. Peek-a-Boo Side Part

A small braid puts the perfect festival spin on a simple deep side part and spruces up your everyday ‘do.

12. For the Lust of Lavendar

Not ready to commit to an unconventional color? Give yourself some temporary highlights with a color spray.

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13. Hint of Hue

Pick up your favorite thread or yarn from your local craft store to upgrade your half-up fishtail.

Want more festival braids? Watch: Your 3-day Guide to Nailing Cool Girl Festival Hair.

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