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The Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair

Straightening natural hair is a fun way to switch it up, but because heat styling isn’t exactly the easiest on manes, you want to be sure to invest in a great flat iron. These picks will leave hair sleek and frizz-free, and some might even last through the decade. From snag-free supersized plates to endless heat settings, it’s easy to see why these irons made the cut. Read on for our round-up of the best flat irons for natural hair.

Dyson Corrale: $499.99

This cordless wonder is easy on hair, which is necessary if your locks are prone to breakage and fragile. Matthew Collins, celeb stylist and brand ambassador, notes that with this flat iron, you never have to squeeze too hard. “The plates of the Dyson Corrale flex with the hair to give you an even heat distribution unlike other conventional flat irons,” he shares.

best flat iron natural hair | Mane Addicts

(via Dyson)

T3 Singlepass X: $235

With five customizable heat settings, there’s something for every hair type and texture. CeraGloss plates leave even the curliest heads shiny, smooth, and straight. Plates are also wider at 1 1/2 inches, which is a key time-saver if your hair is longer or thick. According to reviewers, T3 lasts and lasts. One reviewer noted that two T3 irons have seen her through the last 15 years.

T3 Singlepass X best flat iron natural hair | Mane Addicts

(via T3)

NuMe Megastar X – 1.75″ Flat Iron: $139.30

Larger plates are everything, which is why we’re obsessed with NuMe’s big ol’ Megastar which features almost two-inch wide plates. If you’re in a hurry, skip the salon appointment and tackle your curls in half the time thanks to double the plate size.

NuMe Megastar X - 1.75" Flat Iron | Mane Addicts

(via NuMe)

AmiKa the Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler: $150

Set the temp lower and walk away with less damage—and great results. Built with a negative ion projector to seal the cuticle and lock out frizz, as well as an infrared light beam that penetrates the hair shaft, Amika’s flat iron for natural hair offers high-tech smooth styling.

AmiKa the Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler | Mane Addicts

(via Amika)

Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+: $210

Cordless flat irons change the game. Seriously, this thing will fit in your bag and you can touch up wherever. Lunata’s iron has tangle-free plates for snag-free, easy ironing everywhere.

Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+ | Mane Addicts

(via Lunata)

Conair Infiniti Pro Flatiron: $44.99

Ceramic plates keep frizzies away as you straighten, leaving hair polished and silky. The iron also features a six foot cord, 30 heat settings, and gets hot in just 15 seconds.

Conair Infiniti Pro Flatiron | Mane Addicts

(via Ulta)

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