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This Is the Flat Iron You Should Be Using For Your Hair Type

Flat irons have become a staple in anyone’s beauty collection who wants sleek, straight hair.

With so many options on the market, choosing which one to buy can get overwhelming. Even worse, a lot of women tend to purchase the wrong hair straightener for their hair type and end up not seeing the straight results they expected.

To ensure the glossy, sleek strands you desire there are a few factors to consider when buying your next flat iron. Depending on your hair type, everything from heat-settings to plate size can determine the effectiveness of a flat iron.

There are also different plates to choose from including ceramic. titanium, tourmaline and more. Because flat irons really aren’t universal, we’re breaking down the best ones for each hair type and why. Keep reading for our top picks and how you can get gorgeous, straight locks no matter what your hair looks like.

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