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7 Foods You Need to Eat for Hair Growth

Hair health can be tackled in many different ways. From scalp maintenance to supplements, this is one problem you don’t have to tackle alone. Diet is one important factor and biotin rich foods are just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to hear what are the best biotin rich foods for hair growth.


Not only are they a lean source of protein, when it comes to biotin rich foods, eggs pack a punch. Iron, zinc, and omega fatty acids are just some of the helpful nutrients you can find in this tiny package. Hard boil a few to take along as a snack or make it your main dish for brunch, either way, you are guaranteed to get shiny, soft hair as a result.


We all know that salmon is jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids that help keep our scalp healthy. This provides a good environment for hair health and growth. What you may not know is that salmon also has good amounts of vitamin D and proteins that help keep hair strong. If available in your area, opt for wild-caught varieties that feed naturally. Otherwise, you may be inadvertently eating soy and other fillers used to feed fish in captivity.


Not only is avocado toast great for your Instagram feed, but this expensive fruit also has high amounts of vitamin B and E. These vitamins work with your cells to strengthen hair. A serving of avocado can also give you up to 10 mcgs of biotin.


Their popularity comes from their supposed aphrodisiac qualities, but oysters are a well-documented source of zinc. This mineral plays a vital role in hair growth. Zinc helps keep oil glands in your scalp working properly and not shutting down. Wild-caught is also preferred for these brainless creatures but whatever you can get your hands on will suffice to allow your hair to grow.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are hair growth ninjas. They are loaded with beta carotene, a well-known precursor to vitamin A. Its a little known fact that studies have shown that when beta carotene is applied directly to the scalp, this element stimulates collagen and produces elastin. Sweet potatoes also make it into the biotin rich foods group, aiding in further hair health and growth.



Dairy provides a great source of vitamin B7, aka Biotin. Keep organic milk, yogurt and, cheese closeby to make sure you are taking in biotin and protein. If your stomach is sensitive to dairy, search for lactose-free options or opt for sheep or goat’s milk.


Apart from being a biotin rich food, broccoli is also high in protein. Proteins are the basic building blocks of hair and this cruciferous veggie aids in building up your hair from the inside. Raw, steamed, or sauteed, your body will reap the benefits of this leafy green.


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