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10 Best French Girl-Inspired Short Haircuts

Short haircuts require commitment—commitment such as maintaining the haircut’s shape every few months and commitment to patience when you’re over it. Yet the decision to go short, and we’re talking French girl short hair, is becoming a more popular one lately. Think petite bobs, effortless pixies, and the like. Below, we rounded up the best French girl haircuts, courtesy of our favorite influencers. Scroll through to take your strands for a très chic spin.

Wavy Blunt Bob and Bangs

If you’re in the New York area, you’re in luck because that means you can snag Alyssa Coscarelli’s effortless, wavy bob (which springs to life with a touch of wave or texture spray). Go see her hairstylist Erickson Arrunategui at Bumble and Bumble to get this look.


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Nothing pairs better with a red pout and a cafe than a micro-bob that accentuates your cheekbones. It’s a daring look but if you follow Taylor Lashae’s lead (who constantly oozes Parisian vibes) and pair your bob with wispy fringe, you’ll rock it. Book an appointment at the Sally Hershberger NYC for this exact cut.


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Jaw Length

For those lusting after a French girl shorn ‘do but with a little less commitment, skip the bangs and swoop your hair to one side as mega influencer Brittany Xavier, who got chopped by Mane Master Justine Marjan.


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Blunt, One-Length Bob

Polish Parisienne Marta Cygan, of Life of Boheme, has the petite French haircut and bag to match. While a one-length cut will require maintenance, Marta’s blunt bob is perfect for the girl who has naturally wavy hair.


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Air-Dried Pixie

French girl haircuts aren’t just limited to bobs. In fact, a well-executed pixie can play the Parisian part just as well when air-dried, giving the relaxed effect. To replicate this style, go see the girl behind the cut—Shelby Samara at Suite Caroline Salon in NYC.


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Tousled Bob

It’s no secret that French girls use minimal hair products. Yet, if you’re struggling to keep your new tousled bob photo-ready, apply a thin layer of pomade or styling cream to instantly banish frizz and flyaways.


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Mushroom Cut

We know what you’re thinking—I’d never wear a mushroom or bowl cut. But before you click past this, consider how outrageously chic it looks on model Nina Milner. You don’t have to be a model to pull it off either.

Shoulder-Length Lob

Not quite ready to go chin-length short? Try a lob (long bob) like Australian influencer Carmen Grace Hamilton. If blunt is boring for you, ask your stylist for an A-symmetrical lob that’s longer in the front and gradually gets shorter in the back.

Classic Bob

Between a micro-bob and the lob, you have the ever-classic bob. A timeless cut like Isabel Emmy’s is proof that thick hair types can get in on the French girl fun too.


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Straight and Tucked

Another upside to the classic French girl bob? Its ability to showcase your really pretty earrings. Tuck your bob behind one of your ears for a très chic upgrade to your everyday style.

Once you decide on the best French girl haircut for you, be sure to maintain it with THESE French haircare products!

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