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Want Faster Hair Growth? Add These Fruits to Your Diet!

If you want longer strands ASAP, did you know that adding certain fruits into your diet can help? Healthy, strong hair is built from the inside out through proper nutrition. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that these foods promote growth — if you’re metabolizing them regularly, you should see a major improvement. Scroll through below for the best fruits to eat for faster hair growth.


Bananas are high in potassium — they’re both a nutritious snack and a good vitamin for healthy strands. Being potassium deficient can actually cause hair loss, so upping your intake will guarantee less shedding. Now keep in mind, eating bananas alone may not cause monumental hair growth. But, by adding a few more to your diet and combining it with other fruits, you’ll definitely see results a bit faster.


If you want those Rapunzel locks, it’s time to stock up on berries. Berries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and can 100% help promote hair growth. Antioxidants can really help protect your hair follicles from free radical damage — a key feat when you’re looking to lengthen those locks. The vitamin C in berries is also majorly beneficial because your body uses it to hep produce collagen. We’ve been pretty vocal about how collagen helps hair growth, so ’nuff said here.


Another rich source of vitamin C, Guava — or even products containing guava — is great for building a luscious mane. Guava leaves can boost collagen production and help maintain a healthy scalp since it’s so nutrient-dense. You can even obtain guava leaf in oil form to apply directly to your hair for added benefits.


For even more antioxidants, start eating more oranges in addition to berries. Oranges also contain high amounts of antioxidants that are key in preventing hair damage. Less damage = faster growth. Oranges also happen to contain vitamin B12 and vitamin E that can help further repair any existing hair damage — a serious bonus if you ask us.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line, eat your fruits and vegetables, folks. Not only will your digestion and other internal organs thank you, but you’ll be growing that mane double time. Even simply adding a few more servings of each as a daily snack to your diet will help immensely. Now go forth and scarf down those fruits.

Another thing you should add to your diet for healthier hair? Mushrooms! HERE’s why.

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