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The Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

It doesn’t take a scientist to decipher the most flattering hair colors for brown eyes. What it does take are experienced pros that live and breath hair. Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan and Raincry founder Feisal Qureshi dished on the best hair colors for brown eyes below. We asked around and these are the best hair colors for brown eyes. See which hues they believe will make your peepers pop!


“Adding a little warmth to medium brown hair is the perfect way to accentuate brown eyes and has a gorgeous vintage feel,” shares Rita of the hue. Auburn is also a super big color trend these days, so it’s definitely worth trying.

Honey Blonde

Both Rita and Feisal agree that honey blonde is perfect for those with brown eyes. “Mariah Carey is the reigning queen of the honey blonde,” notes Rita. “A touch of blonde, especially around the face, creates a warm glow that makes brown eyes pop.”

Feisal adds, “I love honey blondes with brown eyes. Think of Keira Knightley, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez. The lighter blond hair just makes brown, sultry eyes pop and become very expressive.” We couldn’t agree more!

Chocolate Brown

Brown for your brown eyes? Absolutely. “A monochrome moment looks so fierce with brown eyes,” Rita points out. “How stunning is this chocolate brown on Kim K?”

Golden Blonde

Rita shares that a golden blonde looks so smoldering with brown eyes. She even suggests taking a page out of Jessica Simpson’s book.


“Kylie Jenner can make anything good, especially lavender hair,” notes Rita. “Purple is so complimentary to brown in general, which is why it looks so good paired with brown eyes.”

Don’t feel pressure to go as bold as Kylie with the hue. You can definitely ease into it with some dip dye, ombré, or even subtle highlights. Your colorist can help achieve the best lilac shade for you.

Now that we know the best hair colors for brown eyes, Rita is ready to doll out more recommendations. “The best piece of advice I give my brown-eyed clients is that you can have any color you want if you pick the right tone for your skin color,” Rita says. She believes brown eyes are easy to pair with any hair color. “It’s all in the shade they want,” she confesses.

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