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The Best Hair Moments From ‘Emily in Paris’—and the Colorful Accessories That Accompany Them

Whether you’re a minimalist or you love making a statement, you’ve surely been drawn to Emily Cooper’s bold looks and best hair moments from Emily in Paris. From her mismatched prints, to her perfectly coiled curls and designer duds, there’s really no turning away.

While we have no clue how the young hustler affords such a label-heavy lifestyle, we’ll ignore that small detail and keep our eyes on the ensembles.

With so many standout looks to choose from, we decided to pick apart our faves. Keep reading for the best hair moments from Emily in Paris—and the colorful accessories that accompany them!

Emily at the Ballet

Emily looked the epitome of elegance with her slicked-back bun, Christian Siriano gown and Agnelle gloves here. While her date to the ballet was a total bust, she held her own perfectly fine.

(Instagram via @marialisacruzlima)

Emily at Pierre Cadault’s Home

Ever notice how Emily never looks stressed even during the most daunting of days? While forcing an impromptu meeting on style impresario Pierre Cadault, the designer darling has not a hair out of place. Seriously, how does she get those waves to coil so effortlessly each time? And that floral MSMG coat is no exception to perfection.

(Instagram via @emilyinparislooks)

Emily the Influencer

It didn’t take long for Miss Emily (*cough* @emilyinparis) to secure her footing as an influencer, and she was sure to stand out when she attended her first exclusive event. Her green, black and white checkered bucket hat was the perfect hair accessory to her drool-worthy green layered look (which included an oh so subtle Chanel tweed coat).

(Instagram via @streetstyle.canada)

Dressed-Down Emily

Let’s begin by saying our versions of casual are far different from Emily’s, but even so, we’ll point out that this is the most “low-key” look she dons on the show. While it’s the sweater that does all the talking here, paired with that styled-to-perfection mane and cute baby pink beanie, we just can’t get enough.

(Instagram via @emilyinparislooks)

Elegant Emily

The majority of Emily’s shots are filmed with her hair down in beautiful barrel waves, so when she sported this loose, pulled-back pony at an A-list fundraising gala, it gave us a better glimpse of her gorgeous face. And the dress (pre-splatter, of course!) was ooh la la.

(Instagram via @emilyinparislooks)

First Impression Emily

Emily looks every bit elegant, stealing the show at her first major work event. With her long front pieces pulled away from her face, not only did she wow the host and guests of honor, but our jaws dropped as well in this black tulle skirt-strapless top combo, paired with what else—bright red lips, of course.

(Instagram via @heywei0815)

@emilyinparis Emily

This look gets points for Parisian authenticity. The only thing missing is a café au lait, amirite? We love the classic red beret, paired with a checkered two-piece Veronica Beard ensemble and Chanel bag to top it off.

(Instagram via @emilyinparislove)

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