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We Can’t Stop Thinking About These Iconic Hair Moments From the 2020 VMAs

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards were unlike any other, mainly because there were done virtually and socially distanced. Thanks, COVID-19. But that didn’t stop the stars from sporting their best looks on the red carpet and the stage.

Everyone from Lady Gaga to Miley Cyrus pulled out all the stops with their award show ensembles, and we’re not just talking about what they wore. The hairstyles this year were out of this world, ranging from throwback looks to futuristic trends.

Keep scrolling to see the best hair moments from the 2020 MTV VMAs now!

Bebe Rexha’s Super Sleek High Pony

Styled by Iggy Rosales for Dove Hair, birthday girl Bebe Rexha’s sleek ponytail brought us back to the ’90s. Effortless, trendy, and chic, we can’t get enough of this high pony. So much so, that we may have to recreate the look ourselves one of these days.


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Lady Gaga’s Long Silver Tresses

Created by hairstylist and wig art designer Frederic Aspiras, Lady Gaga’s silver locks prove that silver is the new gold. Will we see this trend of celebs matching their hair color the awards they win? We sure hope so.


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Chloe X Halle’s Charmed Strands

The duo went all out for their performance look at the VMAs pre-show. Their accessorized tresses are giving us intergalactic warrior princess vibes. Using products from Sparkle Hair Imports, these looks were able to come together at the “Ungodly Hour.”


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Ariana Grande’s Flowing Pigtails

We can thank hairstylist Josh Liu for these enviable pigtails sported by Ariana Grande during her performance with Lady Gaga at the VMAs. They’re just so sweetly chic, much like the pop star herself. Don’t doubt that more celebs will be rocking the pigtails after seeing Ariana give them a go.


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Miley Cyrus’s Sleek Straight Mullet

Miley Cyrus is about as synonymous with the mullet these days as her father Billy Ray Cyrus was in the early ’90s. She’s not just her mother’s daughter, she’s also her father’s daughter. Anyway, her look at the VMAs this year was a short and sassy styling of her iconic ‘do first chopped by Sally Hershberger.


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Doja Cat’s Floor-Length Braid

We’ve always believed that the longer the braid, the better. And clearly Doja Cat shares those same sentiments. Her floor-length braid is about as bold as they come. Weave and extension specialist HairByJazmeen worked her magic on this look, offering a style that will keep stylists and their clients socially distant during the process.


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Keke Palmer’s ’80s-Inspired Curls

Last, but certainly not least, we have Keke Palmer’s ’80s-inspired curls. The hostess with the mostest showcased a ton of stunning looks during the show, proving she can pull off anything. Still, these curls created by Ann Jones that Keke sported during her performance of “Snack” will never escape our memory. We’ll never let go, Keke!


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