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Our Definitive List of the 10 Best Hair Moments from the Past Decade

This last decade has given us a plethora of surprises, some of them in hair form. To celebrate the last ten years, we’ve rounded up the most epic hair moments from our favorite stylists and stars. We are leaving 2019 on a high note and can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.

Beyonce’s Epic Vogue Cover

Although we took equality strides in the last couple of years, it was hard to believe Beyonce’s epic Vogue cover was the first shot by a black photographer in the magazine’s 100 years plus history. In true Bey form, she picked black artists to collaborate with her on her looks and the result was a truly magical shoot. They reimagined what cover-worthy hair should be and gave all of us a beautiful image to reference for decades to come.

Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Bob

Although Kim K switching up her hair is nothing new, this blonde lob kicked off a wave of copy cats. Suburban moms and cool-girls alike would pull up this pic at their local salon to show the bold look they were going for. It was simple yet provocative, and it caught on like wildfire because it was easy for stylists to reproduce.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Cool-Girl Waves

When it comes to effortless style, the French and the Olsen twins are the only ones that can really pull it off. The duo kicked off a beach wave phenomena in the early 2000’s but used this last decade to rework the look into a more effortless version of their original signature.

Ciara’s Impossibly Long Mane

In this last decade, extensions reigned supreme. Celebs applied them on and off at leisure, acting as if they didn’t come with big price tags. When it comes to extension hair moments, Ciara got it down pat for this Vogue shoot. Her longer than life extensions practically made the shoot. The result was incredibly memorable.

Ariana Grande’s Signature Pony

The only things guaranteed in life are taxes, death, and Ariana Grande’s pony. The pop queen gave us hair moments in the form of high ponys that twirled around with her on stage all decade long.

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bye for now

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Nicki Minaj’s Space Buns

Space buns have had a storied past during this last decade. They debuted as a Coachella staple early on in the decade and then quickly saw their demise as the same crowd shunned them as basic. Leave it to Nicki Minaj to effortlessly revive a trend as complicated as space buns. She took them to a whole new level during her promotion of Chun Li and singlehandedly brought them back into our collective consciences.

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Katy Perry’s Platinum Pixie

Katy Perry is a well-known chameleon and her memorable platinum pixie was a result of her talents as one. We were all used to seeing her naturally brunette tresses on the carpet when one day out of the blue she served up this iconic look.

Anne Hathaway’s Twiggy Inspired ‘do

There is no trend mane master Adir can’t kick off, and Anne Hathaway’s classy twiggy crop was no different. The actress chopped off her long hair to debut this on red carpets across the globe.

Selena Gomez’ Shaved Pony

We would never categorize Selena as a bad girl. This is why her shaved pony shocked everyone – in the best of ways. Her sweet cherub-like face needed just the right amount of fun and this hair moment gave it to her.

Kylie Jenner’s Barbie Shoot

Kylie is another one of those leading ladies who is always reinventing her look. Way before her older sis Kim K took to Instagram to mimic Elle Woods, Kylie was already being photographed as a blonde icon of her own liking. This Barbie-inspired shoot was picked up by every news outlet, giving Kylie a seat at the hair moments table.

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life in plastic it's fantastic 😛

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