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Stay Away from These Hair Oils if You Have Blonde Hair

Blondes can certainly have more fun…but the beating their strands take during color appointments also requires that they take more precautions around their hair. For this reason, even applying hair oils can differ from hue to hue. Oils for blonde hair are different than for darker tones. Below, two pros dish on what oils blondes need to stay away from!


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Feisal Qureshi, Raincry Founder and Creative Director has worked every type of hair during his twenty years plus in the industry. From runway shows to celebrity hair, he’s had to learn how to treat blondes with extra TLC and knows the best oils for blonde hair. Any oil that is not water-soluble should be avoided with blond hair,” he begins. The reason? “Blonde hair usually has a finer texture and if you are unable to wash it out completely, that oil can weigh down volume and make hair look greasy,” he concludes.
Nicole Fowler, Artistic Director for Beauty Quest Group also has advice on using oils for blonde hair. “For any platinum or pale blonde, it’s best to not use oils that have amber tones,” she warns. “Use crystal clear oils like the Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment to speed up blow-dry time,” she suggests. Her preferred oil is enriched with super light-weight sweet almond and argan oil, ensuring those blondes stay perfectly pale.

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