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These Are the Best Hair Products That Launched in October

October is nearly over. With another whirlwind month on the books for 2020, we’re looking for new ways to unwind.

And what better way to unwind than to indulge in a little haircare self-care? This month has given us some splurge-worthy new products to indulge in. From purple shampoos to pearly accessories, the first month of autumn was full of fan-favorite launches. In case you missed them, we rounded up every exciting must-buy product to hit the market this past month.

Read on for the 9 best products that launched in October.

1. Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment: $28

Just when you thought Olaplex couldn’t get any better, they dropped their new No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment. This professional-inspired treatment primes hair to absorb maximum moisture with the highest dose of Olaplex’s patented technology in any take-home product.

Via Olaplex

2. Playa Violet Brightening Shampoo: $28

Packed with a plethora of naturally-derived violet pigments,  this weekly shampoo deeply cleanses to neutralize brassiness and rinse away mineral buildup for a better, brighter mane.  Vitamin C, babassu oil, and apple cider vinegar remove impurities, restore moisture, and lock-in color like no other.

Via Playa

3. GHD Limited Edition Platinum+ & Helios Gift Set: $479

Make someone’s holiday hair dreams come true with this limited edition set from ghd. With white lacquered coating and satin accents, this gorgeous gift set comes with a high quality hairdryer, the brand’s award-wining flat iron, and a beautiful midnight blue carrying case. Now who couldn’t use a styling upgrade?

Via ghd

4. Love Beauty and Planet Muru Muru Butter Dry Shampoo: $7

Infused with murumuru butter, this dry shampoo gently cleanses your strands with plant-based products. Natural tapioca starch absorbs oil while Bulgarian rose petal imbues your mane with a sweet, natural fragrance.

Via Target

5. The Hair Edit Accessory Collection: $7

Cute new accessory alert. The Hair Edit’s latest accessory collection is full of pearly bits and baubles we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Via The Hair Edit


6. Trademark Beauty Mojave Face and Scalp Mask: $18

A 2-in-1 mask? What’s not to love? Treat yourself to the full body spa experience with this miracle clay mask, derived from 100% pure natural Calcium Bentonite Clay from the Mojave Desert!

Via Trademark Beauty

7. Harry Josh Pro Tools Magnesium Thermal Brush: $60

Another amazing product from one of our favorite beauty brands. Get maximum volume with this unique, magnesium-coated ceramic barrel, specially designed to cut down drying time and avoid unnecessary hair damage.

Via Harry Josh

8. Quick Slick Hair Essence: $18

This is the ultimate quick styling fix. Formulated with 100% natural essence of jojoba, avocado, and camelia, evening primrose, and keratin, this wax-free grease-free product is ideal for taming flyaways on the fly. 

Via Quick Slick

9. IGK Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray: $27

IGK is at it again. This multipurpose priming product provides 24-hour frizz control with spirulina protein and coconut oil. This super spray detangles, de-frizzes, enhances shine, and protects against heat.

Via Sephora

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