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These Are the Best Hair Products Our Editors Tried This Month

Need a few new (and noteworthy) products to shake up your current routine? We’ve got you covered!

Scroll through below for some epic hair magic, brought to you by our editors. These are the best products we each tried out in the month of February.

1. Sphagnum Shampoo With Nordic Peat Mud and Argan Oil: $29.90

“I’ve had scalp psoriasis since the 8th grade and have tried everything from prescription strength shampoos (not for me) to natural remedies like ACV. I sort of accepted the fact that this would be part of my life forever, until I discovered this shampoo on a whim while perusing Amazon. It instantly soothes my scalp and for the first time in over 20 years, sometimes I even forget I have psoriasis.” — Allison McNamara, Editorial Director

(via Amazon)

2. Kitsch Shower Detangling Comb: $12.00

“I had never used a detangling comb until this one from Kitsch, and wow I am obsessed. I used to detangle my wet hair post-shower, which would make my hair dry super flat with zero volume. When I started combing my hair out (gently) in the shower after conditioning, I would forgo brushing out my strands again post shower. The result is really cool, wavy texture that I used to dream of! It’s also consciously created and has a neat little hook which makes it easy to hang.” — AM, Editorial Director

(via Kitsch)

3. Fable & Mane Holiroots Pre-wash Hair Treatment Oil: $34.00

“I was offered a sample of this sought-after scalp treatment, and noticed a difference immediately. My roots truly felt cleansed and buildup-free, which I can’t say is normally the case after a standard wash. The product also came out of my hair easily, too, which can often be a struggle with oils or pre-washes. Added bonus? Its deep, alluring aroma will make you want to slather it all over your skin!” — Dahvi Shira, Writer

(via Sephora)

4. CHI Lava 2.0 Hairstyling Iron: $199.99

“A flat iron made of real lava particles that doesn’t cause breakage and makes my hair stick-straight? Yep it exists! I posted on my IG the glorious outcome of use with this new, high-end hot tool. It’s definitely become my latest flat iron of choice.” — DS, Writer

(via Chi)

4. T3 Fit Compact Hair Dryer: $149.99

“The latest launch from the brand is a super compact dryer that manages to be just as effective as the full size. Aside from drying my hair, I love the size—anything that gives me extra space is a win in my book! ” — Emilie Branch, Writer

(via T3)

5. Hairitage Restart Buton Scalp Exfoliator: $7.94

“I’m obsessed with this exfoliator. My scalp feels entirely refreshed and almost brand new after every use. I swear I would use it every day if I had to, but I don’t. The unique applicator is fantastic at lifting excess dirt, oil, and impurities without tugging or tearing at my tresses.” — Ashley Locke, Writer

(via Walmart)

6. Brite Icecream Hair Masque: $10.00 (AUS)

“I used the Watermelon Gelato flavor first and was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for this mask, but it delivered what it promised: softer, shinier strands.”

(via Brite)

R+ Co’s On a Cloud Collection

I was fortunate enough to attend the brand’s virtual launch event for this collection and try the products ahead of time. To support the launch, they had a dream expert break down our most common dreams and let me tell you, I learned some things about myself😅. The products themselves really live up to their name.

The trio consists of a shampoo, conditioning mask and oil repair treatment. They’re designed to nourish, repair and help your strands regain their cloud-like bounce. They did just that for me, and more. My hair felt stronger and ultra-hydrated after just a few uses of these treatments. 10/10 would recommend. — Shawna Hudson, Writer

(via R+Co)

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