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The Best Hair Tools To Add To Your Holiday Wish List

While we all know the holidays are about giving, sometimes it’s okay to think about receiving. So if you’re finding yourself this holiday season in need of a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron, we’ve rounded up the best hair tools of 2017 to add to your wishlist–no matter the budget. Whether someone else is shopping for a gift for you or you’re buying for yourself, keep reading to find out the hair tools that will make for the best hair gifts found under the tree this year.

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1. Beachwaver S1: $129

The official curling iron of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has the ability to not only give the VS Angel-esque waves but beachy, textured waves and voluminous curls, as well – making Mane Master Sarah Potempa’s curling iron one of this year’s best hair tools and a perfect gift for the gal who prefers to switch up look. The best part? The Beachwaver’s arrow button and fast/slow switch make the curling iron super convenient to use. You simply place the hair underneath of the clamp and use the arrow buttons to wrap the hair around the iron without having to move your wrist.

beachwaver s1,best hair tools
(via Beachwaver)

2. ghd nocturne collection contour: $169

ghd’s Nocturne Collection is the brand’s holiday collection that features various tools to help you to achieve your favorite holiday hair look. In continuation with the reincarnation of the crimped hair trend, ghd has introduced their contour iron that uses multi-dimensional ceramic plates to add texture to a look or a full head of crimped hair this holiday season.

ghd nocturne contour hair crimper, best hair tools
(via ghd)

3. Conair 3QMS Dryer: $79.99

The always-affordable Conair has come out with a superior quality blowdryer that is still very attainable. The quick-dry blowdryer uses lower temperatures and faster airflow to minimize heat damage while still reducing dry-time by up to 70%. The dryer uses ionic technology that reduces frizz and adds shine to any hair type and texture.

conair 3qms hair dryer, best hair tools
(via Conair)

4. Drybar 3 Day Bender Digital Curling Iron: $135

The blowout masters at Drybar have introduced a digital curling iron that can bring the Drybar quality style from the salon into your home. The curling iron comes in 1″ or 1.25″ and can be used to create classic voluminous curls or any wave that you desire. This iron makes for the perfect gift for those that have trouble remembering to turn their irons off as the 3 Day Bender features a 30 minute automatic safety shutoff.

drybar 3 day bender curling iron, best hair tools
(via Drybar)

5. Hai Beauty Concepts Sylkstyler curling iron: $79.95

Hai’s Sylkstyler has a 1″ barrel that is wrapped in a silk-like material that separates and cradles each strand for a smooth, shiny, defined style that eliminates breakage and frizz. This curling iron is one of the best hair tools that is also accessible so you won’t feel guilty about adding it to your wish list – and your tresses will thank you.

hai sylkstyler, best hair tools
(via Hai)

6. NuMe Megastar Hair Straightener: $149

NuMe’s lightweight flat iron uses negative charged ions in it’s tourmaline and ceramic plates to quickly and gently straighten the hair without damage, leaving the hair smooth, shiny and free of damage. A classic flat iron that can be used to create a pin straight look, beachy waves or flipped out ends. The straightener is also available in turquoise or black.



nume megastar hair straightener, best hair tools
(via NuMe)

7. DevaDryer and Devafuser: $159

DevaCurl has introduced a gift set this holiday season that answers the prayers of curly-haired girls everywhere. The set includes the DevaDryer, DevaFuser and microfiber towel. The DevaDryer comes with the coveted DevaFuser that delivers a 360 degree airflow to completely surround and ‘grab’ the curls beginning at the root. The design of the diffuser allows for the hair to dry faster while enhancing the volume and body of natural curls.

devacurl dryer and diffuser, best hair tools
(via DevaCurl)

8. Dear Drew Ceramic Styler: $108

Drew Barrymore’s newly launched hair tools collection features a ceramic styler that is a great alternative to a flat iron for those that do not want to apply a lot of heat to their tresses. Once the styler heats up, you simply clamp the hair into the brush and run through the ends. The result is voluminous, smooth hair that is free of kinks while still maintaining body and shape.

dear drew ceramic styling brush, best hair tools
(via Dear Drew)

9. Remington Pro 1” Ceramic Dial Flat Iron with Red Silk technology: $29.99

This flat iron is available at places like Target and Ulta making it easy to pick up whether you need an efficient straightener ASAP or you want to purchase a high-quality hair tool as a gift. This ceramic flat iron uses 10x more ceramic than it’s other Remington counterparts leaving the hair free of frizz and breakage. The tool quickly heats up to 450 degrees fahrenheit, allowing you to achieve your desired style faster.

remington pro flatiron, best hair tools
(via Remington)

10. T3 Singlepass X: $230

T3’s super sleek flat iron does exactly what the name suggests: straightens your hair in one single pass. Gone are the days where you have to run the flat iron over and over your tresses, tugging and tearing at at your strands with each pass. With T3’s Singlepass X, the straightener smoothly and gently glides over and straightens the hair immediately. This version of the Singlepass is especially wide so that it can cover a larger surface of the hair and decrease the time spent styling. The flat iron uses Tourmaline, Ceramic and Ionic technology for a long-lasting, smooth, shiny finish with zero damage.

t3 singlepass flatiron, best hair tools
(via T3)

11. Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer: $349

Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh has reinvented his cult-status Pro Tools 2000 Pro Dryer with the lighter, faster drying Ultra Light Pro Dryer. While this blowdryer may be over $300, the results are entirely worth it. This dryer dries your hair at a record 94 miles per hour (as opposed to the previous 80 mph), is super light weighing in at under a pound and is much quieter than it’s counterparts – perfect with those who live with light sleepers. The Ultra Light Pro Dryer also has a 12 heat and speed setting dryer that allows you to customize your drying experience.

harry josh pro tools ultra light, best hair tools
(via Harry Josh)


If you’re still dealing with frizzy hair even after using all of the best hair tools that the market has to offer, click here to find out how your favorite celeb stylists fight frizz.



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