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The Best Haircut and Beard Shape For Your Face, According to Ryan Gosling’s Groomer

Just like face-framing layers, a bob, or bangs don’t flatter every female face–the same goes for men and their haircuts and beard shapes! Most guys go with what they “like” or “want” (or what their girlfriend or mom told them to do) instead of what actually flatters the shape of their face and bone structure.

But guys, do yourself a solid and listen to celebrity groomer Christine Nelli’s tips on how to find the perfect cut and beard. Hey, if it’s working for her clients–ahem, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd–it will work for you.


Some specific haircuts or beard shapes will suit certain men’s face shapes better than others. If you want to find your best haircut / beard shape for you then you’ll need to figure out what your head shape is before heading to the barbershop.  

Here’s how to figure out your head shape:

  • You’ll need a mirror, and a dry erase marker.
  • Pull your hair back and hold it in place with some sort of hair tie or clip
  • Use the dry erase maker to trace the outline of your head onto the mirror.
  • The result will either be: triangle, oval, round, diamond, square, or heart-shaped face.

Below is a sketch for reference:
Head Shape Beard Type For Face

(via Pinterest)



Haircut: Try a textured pompadour like Brad Pitt, with a curly top brushed upward and backward from the forehead.

Beard: The aim here is to take the attention away from a more prominent chin. The easiest way to do this is to have a wispy beard on bottom and a more prominent moustache.

Brad PittRyan Gosling

(via Pinterest)



Haircut: Go for longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides with a side part. I like to call this the “gentlemen haircut.”

Beard: Most beard styles work well with an oval face shape, lucky you! Oval faces look good with any facial hair, and also look great without.

Jon Hamm Oval Head shape

(via Pinterest)



Haircut: Try short hair on the back and sides, like a mid fade, with length on top. This haircut will allow you to style as a slick back or undercut. The goal here is to use your hair to elongate your face, so you want to add volume to the top.

Beard: Grow the hair on your beard longer at the tip of your chin and shorter on the sides along your jawbone. This will make your face appear longer and even out the roundness of your face.

Round head shapeRound head shape

(via Pinterest)



Haircut: For diamond head shapes, comb your hair into the middle to create a mohawk, or any hairstyle that adds width to the forehead or chin area that can be longer and tucked behind the ears.

Beard: Go for scruff that can square off the face and cover a prominent chin.

diamond head shape beard type johnny depp diamond head shape beard type jude law diamond head shape beard type

(via Pinterest)

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Haircut: Classic and neat looks best on square head shapes. Think close fades, side partings, and short layers.

Beard: Light stubble or clean shaved.

Square Head shape beard shape

(via Pinterest)


Haircut: Heart-shaped men, sport some messy fringe and a wavy side part with texture.

Beard: A good ‘ol five o’clock shadow. Or a slight beard that leaves more length on your chin and a moustache for depth to fill in those areas of your face. 

Ryan Reynolds Heart Shape face beard Shape

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Make sure to follow Christine Nelli–and check out her tips for which men’s products you should be using!

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