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The Best 4C Haircuts and Styling Tips, According to a 4C Stylist

You could spend hours searching random hairpso, or you could figure out the best cut for your hair type and go from there. Because knowledge is power, we checked in with Starr Mason, Field Education Leader for the Hair Cuttery Family of Brands on the best haircuts for 4C hair. These tips and tricks for curly girls are all but guaranteed to flatter your coils. Discover which cuts suit your hair type best and get all the styling tips you need straight from Starr.

Shrinkage Is Real

“Whenever you get your 4C hair cut please remember shrinkage is real,” stresses Starr. Because hair can wind up a different length when dry, it’s key to communicate with your stylist on what you want your end length to be. Don’t let anyone get scissor happy if short hair isn’t what you’re signing up for.

Best Haircuts for 4C Hair

“The best cuts for 4C hair vary depending on the length of your hair,” she continues. “When you do a big chop and cut all the chemical relaxer out of your hair, your hair could be shorter, like a low boy cut. As your hair grows, you can transition to keeping it tapered on the back and sides with length on the top.”

For those with short/medium length 4C hair, Starr suggests “a fuller Afro silhouette,” which is both stylish and flattering. 

“Longer 4C hair could be cut to have a triangle shape where the volume lives at the bottom or cut to have a rounded shape where the volume lives at the cheekbone or higher to accentuate your eyes and facial features in the design of the style,” she notes.

For the low-maintenance girls, Starr emphasizes that low-maintenance “is a mindset.” It all depends on how much time you are willing to spend pre styling your hair. “Low-maintenance cuts could be tapered on the back and sides, with length on the top,” she continues.

No matter the exact cut, each style is a statement representing your image, attitude, and style. As a stylist, “being a part of that journey is an honor,” Starr explains.

4C Haircut Maintenance

To keep up with your cut (and keep it cute), 4C hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks—or even more, depending on how low your hair is cut on the back and sides. “Finding a salon professional is the key. Your salon professional will know your hair and be mindful of how much is trimmed. Professional conditioning services are essential to help maintain moisture,” Starr adds.

To avoid any surprises, have your hair cut in the texture you normally rock. The rule of thumb is, “if you wear your 4C hair curly most of the time, you should have it trimmed/cut while it’s curly. Likewise, if you wear your 4C hair straight most of the time, it’s okay to get it trimmed/cut when blown out.” Happy cutting!

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