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8 Haircuts a Virgo Won’t Find Anything Wrong With

Virgo season has officially kicked off. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t do our part to celebrate the zodiac sign. Considering we’re experts of all things hair, we figured now was as good a time as any to reveal the best haircuts for a Virgo.

Whether you are one, love one, or loathe one, you should share this post with the Virgo in your life. Scroll below to discover the eight flawless haircuts and hairstyles any Virgo will love!

Blunt Bob

Is there any hairstyle more perfect for a Virgo than the blunt bob? No one can find a single flaw in this look, even a perfectionist. It also shows you mean business when you sport a style as blunt as this, which is something Virgo is all about.


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Shoulder-Length Waves

Any shoulder-length style is incredibly fitting for a Virgo. As a sign that likes to keep things in order, this length will give them the capability to achieve any look they desire. Waves are a particularly desirable Virgo hairstyle, given they’re fairly feminine and dainty.


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One Length Medium Cut

Again, medium haircuts are something any Virgo can pull off. They’re not too long, not too short, but just right. Opting for one length will keep a Virgo’s strands in line at all times. No flyaways here!


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A-Line Lob

To add some dimension to the cut, an A-line lob is a great style for a Virgo. It’s still a very prim and proper cut, just with a little something extra. Rather than having the hair all one length, it can be angled in a way that best frames a Virgo’s sweet face.


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Shoulder-Length Center Part

There really is no better length for a Virgo than shoulder-length. It’s the perfect in between cut for this particular sign. Adding a center part really elevates the flawlessness of a cut like this. A Virgo with a seamless center part is practically unstoppable. This may very well be the ultimate Virgo hairstyle.


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Blunt Bangs

Going completely blunt with a bob may not be for every Virgo, but blunt bangs absolutely are. A Virgo never does anything half-heartedly, they always go all the way in. This is why some blunt bangs could really elevate a Virgo’s tresses. They scream business, just like the zodiac sign.


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Face-Framing Layers

With any shoulder-length cut a Virgo gets, it’s always best to opt for face-framing layers. Virgos have a really sweet and endearing demeanor that needs to be shared with the world. Face-framing layers will help a Virgo’s face get the attention it deserves.


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Subtle Layers

For a Virgo that wants to play up their shoulder-length locks a bit, subtle layers are a solid choice. They’re easy to maintain and not as dramatic as layers generally are. Let’s be honest, we’ll save those for Leo. Subtle layers can add some fun to Virgo’s locks, which is more needed than they’d like to admit.


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