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9 Haircuts Only an Aries Can Pull Off

It’s the season of the ram, so what better time than now to reveal the best haircuts for an Aries?

This courageous and confident zodiac sign can pull off just about any style, though there are some that’ll work better with their fiery and bold personalities.

Whether you are an Aries or know one, these haircuts will serve as the perfect inspo for your next trim. Find the cut you like most below!

1. Pixie Cut

When it comes to their hair, some Aries prefer to keep it short and simple. As a sign that’s always on the go, living life in the fast lane, shorter lengths are easier to manage. A choppy pixie cut will work wonders for an Aries who prefers not to fuss over their hair. Plus, they’re confident enough to pull it off.


2. Shaved Side

Shaving the side of your head isn’t a look many can pull off, but an Aries sure can. No matter the length, this fierce look will always help the sign stand out above the crowd. And they don’t even have to shout out loud to do so.

3. Blunt Bob

Though every Aries is different from one to the next, they all share one trait—their bluntness. The ram is not afraid to keep it real, no matter how harsh they may come across. To make sure everyone is immediately aware of their blunt nature, sporting a blunt bob will do the trick. It’s truly one of the best haircuts for an Aries ever.

4. Long Layers

Longer length may add a little bit of maintenance, but that doesn’t really matter when an Aries will put it all in a ponytail. Long hair for an Aries always makes them feel wild and free. Then when they need to get active, they can easily toss it up and out of their face.

5. Asymmetrical Lob

Because an Aries likes to keep things interesting, sticking to the status quo isn’t really in their nature. They dare to do things no one else will ever do, like rocking an asymmetrical lob for instance. This cut isn’t entirely out there, but it isn’t one most would dream of rocking.

6. The Shag

The life on an Aries can be a little bit messy, though they wouldn’t have it any other way. The same goes with their haircuts. They aren’t afraid to be choppy and out there, which is why the shag is a great Aries hairstyle.

7. Medium Length Feathered Layers

For an Aries who isn’t quite ready to commit to the shag, some feathered layers will add plenty of texture and movement to straighter hairstyles. They’re fun and carefree, just like the zodiac sign.

8. Medium Red Bob

This hairstyle is less about the cut and more about the color. While a shorter length will offer lower maintenance, the red will play to the bold nature of an Aries. And you simply can’t go wrong with that.

9. Shaved Head

This look is daring, even for an Aries. Still, they truly are one of the only signs who can pull off this haircut. There may be a fear to do so, but once every last bit of the locks have been chopped off, a sense of freedom will overcome an Aries.

Now that you know the perfect haircut, let’s talk hues. THIS is the bold shade to dye your tresses, based on your zodiac sign.

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