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Haircuts for Thin, Straight Hair That Create Serious Volume

Not only does a cut totally change your look, but it can also work wonders on your texture. Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shears and a great stylist, even if your hair feels hopeless. If your hair is thin, we’ve got just the thing for you. We spoke with an expert stylist on the best haircuts for thin hair to make it look thicker and give it more volume. Try any of these thin haircuts below—happiness is just a hair flip away!

Internal Layering

Layers are considered the ultimate go-to for a reason, they can plump and fill or takeaway bulk; it just depends on how your stylist cuts and where. The placement of your layers is everything. Ramon Garcia, one of our fave hairstylists (catch him at Jonathan Antin in Beverly Hills) is well versed in adding movement to seemingly lackluster locks. “In situations where my clients have thinner hair but want lots of volume, I’ll usually favor my Interior Layering Technique,” he describes. “Internal layering is the best way to ‘fake volume’ for clients with thinner textured hair,” he tells us. “I’ll usually deep point cut the interior, creating a medley of lengths. This pushes the interior higher, creating an even amount of volume throughout the head.” Ultimately, this helps to attain a fuller, naturally voluminous look.

Of course, a cut will take you far, but it’s all about how you style your look and the hero products that get you there. “Next Day Hair is everything,” says Ramon of L’Oreal Professionnel’s Next Day Hair Dry Finishing Spray. “It’s the chicest way to get natural volume that has ever been put in a can,” he shares of the amazing lightweight texture spray, that gives all of these looks an added, va-va voom bonus.

Bob Haircuts

Basically every type of bob—from lobs to asymmetric to torn ends—will give you major lift. When shopping for a cut for volume, the bob is a no-fail way to give yourself the length of the moment, while adding shape and much-needed body.

To get the full, natural look you crave, Ramon says “it all starts with the blow dry.” To get your best blowout, “flip your head upside down and blow dry everything away from the scalp.” Once dry, don’t forget the Next Day Hair. Spray this game-changer around the hairline, on roots, or even all over.

Lob Haircuts

There’s no need to compromise on length in the quest for lift. Simply ask your stylist to add layers to the crown. Your hair will appear instantly fuller, making the lob one of the best haircuts for thin hair.

Sideswept Bangs

Sideswept bangs create all the angles. Not only is this face-framing style super flattering, but it will also bless even the thinnest, straightest hair with movement and thickness.

To style bangs, Ramon tells us to grab the round brush and don’t hold back. “From wet hair, take a round brush and blow dyer and blow bangs up in a ‘C’ shape motion. Remember the bigger the ‘C,’ the more ’80s the look.” Though you can go ’80s, you don’t need to overdose on product. “A spritz of hairspray is all you need to complete this look,” he assures us.

Shorter Haircuts

Don’t be afraid to chop for volume. You can play with this look in so many ways, from choppy and grown out to old Hollywood and wavy. To achieve fullness no matter your length, use your flat brush and blow dryer while hair is still wet, and really get in there. “Confusing the root is the key to adding volume to this look,” Ramon explains. “The flat brush and the blow dryer should dance around the head, pushing the hair in all different directions—really target the roots,” he says, adding, ”a little sea salt spray goes a long way!”

Not quite ready for a haircut? HERE are five ways to make thin hair look thicker!

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