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The 7 Biggest Haircuts of 2020

2020 has already proved to be a whirlwind year in just a few weeks. And of course, the hair category is following suit and keeping us on our toes for the rest of the year. Been dreaming of that super short pixie? There’s no better time to try out a new haircut than right now. As such, these are the seven biggest haircuts we are bound to fall for in 2020. Read on for the best haircuts of 2020!

The Super Short Pixie

If awards season proved anything, its that super short hair can be glam AF. Stars like Charlize Theron and Zoe Kravitz tugged at our ideas of femininity and mastered the sexiest short pixies on the red carpet. Expert styling that is easy to recreate at home made them one of our best haircuts for 2020.

Zero Layers

Zero layers doesn’t mean zero fun. A ton of hair masters opted for flirty waves but stuck to one big layer, giving the wearer an appearance of volume. This style is sure to be one of the best haircuts of 2020.

Lived In Lobs and Bobs

Sure, this trend has been going strong since 2019 but we suspect a huge uptick in 2020. Lob and bob lengths continue to be super popular and hairstylists are giving these cuts their own twist with lived in versions of the cut. Expect loose waves, sunkissed highlights and a lot of texture for these cuts.

Drastic Lines

Nothing can turn heads like a perfectly executed haircut. Drastic lines are making their way on the red carpet and mere mortals are soon to follow. This type of cut requires a lot of maintenance but if you keep your hairstylist on speed dial, you will be sure to pull it off on 2020.

Textured Bangs

The easiest and most inexpensive way to update a ‘do is with bangs. 2020 will be all about textured styles and bangs will jump on the bandwagon as well. As one of the best haircuts of 2020, the lived-in bang is sure to take centerstage.

Retro Cuts

There is nothing more glamorous than harking back to hairstyles sported by the original movie stars of the 40s and 50s. Retro haircuts are back and your hairstylist will be able to properly execute a cut that won’t require too much maintenance. Ask about styling tips to make sure you can look like a movie siren, on or off your stylist’s chair.

Long and Layered

Kim K is the queen of all trends and this hot haircut for 2020 is no different. She gives an honest nod to the layers of the 90s but gives it her own spin with the uber-long length. The downside to picking a style like this is the blowdry required to rock it. Dry shampoo can become your ally in 2020, helping you extend each dry.

Now that you have all the 2020 inspo you need, DON’T get a haircut without asking these questions first!

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