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9 Hairstyles That Are Mysterious Enough for a Scorpio

In case you couldn’t tell from the extra bit of mystery in the air, we’re currently in the midst of Scorpio season. We’re not only here to remind you of this, but also to celebrate the zodiac sign. And what better way to give the scorpions the attention they deserve than by sharing the best hairstyles for the Scorpio zodiac sign?

You’re right, there is no better way. So send this to the Scorpio in your life to let them know which hairstyles are best suited for their alluring, passionate demeanor. If you’re a Scorpio yourself, happy Scorpio season to you. Live it up by finding the perfect hairstyle for you below!

1. Edgy Pixie

Short styles are always alluring for a Scorpio, though the edgy pixie is especially perfect for the sign. As one of the edgiest signs in the zodiac, it just makes perfect sense for a Scorpio. Though the style is short, it does leave plenty of room for transformation. And that’s everything a Scorpio loves.

2. Undercut

Many know the Scorpio zodiac sign is fairly mysterious. Obviously, this is why an undercut would suit the sign perfectly. It’s a great way to keep them somewhat mystifying to the rest of the world, if only through their strands.

3. Curtain Bangs

Scorpios aren’t one to tell all their business to the world. They enjoy keeping just about everything about their lives private, hence why curtain bangs are a great look for them. The bangs allow the sign to hide behind their tresses a bit, so as not to reveal too much to the world.

4. Mohawk Braid

The sign is known for being intense in both their personality and appearance. A mohawk braid will ward off those who can’t embrace everything the Scorpio has to offer. It’s a very bold, daring look, just like the sign.

5. Long and Dark

Long locks may seem a bit boring for the Scorpio, but that isn’t the case. Luscious, lengthy raven-colored strands embody everything a Scorpio is—captivating, bewitching, mysterious. Any Scorpio will feel right at home in this style.

6. Buzz Cut

Another short-haired look, the buzz cut isn’t for everyone. But it’s definitely for a Scorpio. These signs have no problem using their appearance to intimidate others. The buzz cut will do just that.

7. Tousled Bob

Bobs are fantastic for a Scorpio because they can be styled in so many different ways to emphasize their transformative nature. The tousled look is particularly fitting for the sign. It’s fun and flirty, though gives them plenty of edge without it being over the top.

8. Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are fairly bold. They also slightly resemble a scorpion’s tail, which is right on par with the Scorpio zodiac sign. It makes perfect sense to sport a hairstyle that relates to the sign’s symbol.

9. Dye Underneath

Everyone knows a Scorpio is the best at keeping secrets. If you ever want to tell someone something extremely confidential, you can count on a Scorpio to take it to their grave. All that to say, the dye underneath look plays into this aspect of the sign. Plus, it’s a reminder to all that you can trust them with anything.

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