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The Best Hot Tools for Hair Extensions, According to Experts

Hair extensions can look bomb, but they can also look terrible if they’re damaged or styled poorly. That’s why it’s important to look into the best hot tools for hair extensions if you’re planning to rock a serious head of synthetics.

Luckily, we found some leading experts in the business to break down what they suggest using if you’re new to extensions or you haven’t found what works best. Keep reading for recommendations in blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons.

Curling Irons

BaByliss Pro

The BaByliss pro curling iron because they have heat settings. Most heat products for hair just have a high-low setting, but this has different temperature options. A hair specialist or stylist would use the highest one on extensions, as they’re highly experienced, but the average consumer would definitely need to use less, making this iron a perfect option.

—Lacy Gadegaard-West, Founder and CEO, Laced Hair Extensions

This is my go-to curling iron. It’s super comfortable to use and gives you perfect curls every time no matter what type of hair you’re working with. The porcelain ceramic barrel gives you even heat distribution without any hot spots and leaves the hair with shine and body. It’s great for creating curls or loose waves while decreasing style time. 

—Suzzie Monroe, Owner of Luxbae Salon and Med Spa

Luxy Hair Signature Curler

This curler has 11 heat settings with an initial heat setting of 200°F up to 450°F. As long as the synthetic hair is made from heat-resistant fibers (most on the market that are advertised as heat-resistant can resist up to 320°F), our curler can be compatible. The customer just needs to be sure that the hair is heat-resistant and also needs to double-check how much heat it can take. Also, unlike a lot of tools on the market, our adjustable heat settings can accommodate a higher variety of different hair types and synthetic types.

—Julia Venturin, Affiliate Marketing Coordinator and Hair Extension Expert, Luxy Hair

Bio Ionic Long Barrel

This iron is best for those with long hair. The long barrel allows for more hair to go around the iron while still being able to glide easily through the hair. The easy glide aspect is important to those with extensions because they are usually learning to curl longer and thicker hair. Being able to easily glide the iron through the hair will help them rotate the iron without getting stuck. When adjusting to a new look, it’s important to recommend tools that will help your client learn. The different heat settings allows you to control the heat being used on your hair and the extensions. The style also lasts for days with this iron, and it’s perfect beach waves.

Taylor BladesCovet & Mane Educator; Owner of Blades Styling in Gilbert, AZ

Ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand

This curling iron has an advanced ceramic coating that glides through the hair without getting caught. Ceramic plates are great for extensions because they help smooth out the hair and reduce frizz. One of the things I love about this iron is how fast it heats up. This iron is perfect for a more traditional, voluminous look. 


Flat Irons

BaByliss Pro

This iron is known for the different heat settings, and with extensions it’s important to keep the longevity and health of the hair by using low heat. This iron works great at a low/medium heat with a single pass. The bigger iron the better, allowing you to grab more hair per pass. 


Croc The New Classic 

I’m all about hair health when it comes to my clients. This infrared flat iron is my favorite because it seals cuticles and locks in moisture while minimizing heat damage. It smoothes and straightens in one pass—whether you have extensions, color-treated or frizzy hair. 


Dyson Corrale  

This cord-free straightener has changed the game with its technology. The flexible plates help you gather more hair, which is a total time-saver, especially with extensions. When wearing extensions, we’re looking to save time by being able to grab more hair per section, so we won’t have to spend too much time with this iron. 


Blow Dryers 

Bio Ionic Pro 10xs Ultralight Speed Dryer  

The Bio Ionic Pro Ultralight Speed Dryer is known for being lightweight and fast drying! This dryer is a more affordable [alternative to Dyson] that’s gentle yet fast drying. It’s great for the extension clients who don’t have to smooth or style the natural hair as much. It’s a great option for the extension wearer looking to power-dry hair and quickly smooth. 


Gama Italy Perfetto   

This blow dryer has become a staple in my salon that my stylists and I use on a daily basis. I love that it’s so light and compact while also being a powerful tool that dries hair much quicker than others I’ve tried. I find that especially with thick hair or hair with extensions, this blow dryer cuts the drying time in half. Its sleek design is also a plus! 


Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is known for its speed and noise control. When wearing extensions, we’re dealing with double—sometimes triple—the amount of hair we typically have. Having a blow dryer with this speed and quality will save time blow drying. It also helps prevent heat damage while keeping the heat controlled with precision styling. Precision styling is so important to an extension-wearer because it helps smooth out natural hair while still being able to smooth out the extensions. It’s very important to smooth both the natural hair and extension hair to close the cuticle and give it a sleek look. Having the different attachments, you’re able to blow dry (rough dry) the hair up to 80 percent in a short amount of time, and then begin to smooth for the perfect blow out. It’s worth the splurge! 


Now that you know the best hot tools for hair extensions, HERE‘s your guide to coloring, washing and detangling them!

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