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Best Celebrity Hairstylist Instagram Bios

Instagram bios are an art that don’t get the attention they deserve. Bios peel back the curtain and offer bite-sized insight into a person’s life. An Instagram bio can also be very telling, giving the reader first-class knowledge of who this person is at work. As a hair artist, you either take all the time in the world to craft the perfect Insta bio, or you wing it without much thought. Either way, a bio is always a simple phrase that sums you up whole. Here is an ode to our favorite hair professional bios out there.

Concise but true: Nikki Nelms – @nikkinelms

Hair MacGyver.

Nikki Nelms

The two-punch: Jenny Cho – @jennychohair

I like my food spicy and my hair undone.

Jenny Cho Instagram bio

The Multi-Hyphenate: Jen Atkin [email protected]


Jen Atkin Instagram Bio

…Because, Priorities: Kristin Ess – @Kristin_ess


Kristin Ess

Pretty Much Sums Them All Up: Mark Townsend – @marktonsend1

Hair stylist living out of a suitcase

Mark Townsend Instagram

The Cool Guy: Andrew Fitzsimons – @andrewfitzsimons

Just doing my thing

andrew fitzsimons

Short and Sweet: Enzo Angileri – @enzoangileri

I love hair cutting.

enzo Angileri bio

The Do-Gooder: David Babaii – @davidbabaii

Animal activist, children’s pediatric cancer research supporter, proud member of amnesty international My life my story

David Babaii Instagram bio

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