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Mint Shampoo Is Your Hair’s Summer Savior

Let’s be real–summer isn’t the best time for our manes. Between humidity and extreme heat, dry climates and everything in between, thin hair can get weighed down, and thick hair can frizz up in an instant as a result of the climate. A way to combat the ever changing elements? Mint shampoo.

Mint is an excellent ingredient for invigorating your scalp and giving it that deep cleaning sensation it deserves. Apart from smelling amazing, mint formulas  energize your scalp and strands, leaving your hair as good as new. It’s also excellent for your hair health because it cleanses without stripping away your hair’s essential oils and color. Ahead, we’ve handpicked some mint-based shampoos at every budget. You can all easily be on your way to your best summer hair ever!

Would you like to improve your hair health from the inside out? Try this smoothie for better, stronger strands.


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