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I Tried 3 Natural Hair Conditioners—Here Are the Results

Money doesn’t buy love. It also doesn’t buy the best conditioners, which I found out this week after a bit of experimenting. In an effort to reduce my waste and exposure to chemicals, I embarked on a journey that would help me find amazing natural alternatives to my chemical-laden conditioners. The best part? All of these amazing conditioners can be found right in your kitchen.


Admittedly so, this was the sloppiest of my natural hair conditioner choices. After a bit of research and advice from mom (who has been using natural hair conditioners since childhood), I settled on making avocado conditioner my first project. This nutrient-dense food has a nice amount of monounsaturated fat that acts like a softener on your strands. The application method was quick. I split one avo open and mashed the pulp right inside the skin. After this, I applied it all over my strands and wore a shower cap while I did some chores. I showered afterward to reveal more conditioned hair but a messy shower.

natural hair conditioners | Mane Addicts
(via Unsplash)


Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking, “yuck.” You are correct, just the thought of slathering on mayonnaise made me gag but my mother assured me that this was a tried and true method as a natural hair conditioner. For this mini-experiment, I plugged my nose and went to town slathering my tresses with a liberal amount of the white goop. I followed my mom’s advice and put on a shower cap. Then, I ran a dryer on the warm setting lightly atop the shower cap to let my hair temperature raise a bit. According to my mother, this would help the mayo penetrate better and do its thing. Wow, was she right. After a shower, my locks were noticeably softer and my natural-dried waves more uniform.

Olive Oil

Hands down, this was my favorite natural hair conditioner I tried on my natural conditioner journey. After another tip from my mama, I prepared for bed with a big bottle of olive oil. I put a few tablespoons in my palms and rubbed it into my hair. I used a plastic shower cap above that and draped a towel over my pillow for safety. Then, I went to bed and jumped right into the shower after waking up. The result was the softest, most manageable hair I’ve had in years. Olive oil wowed me with its conditioning strength and I can’t wait to try other natural oils on my hair like coconut and avocado.

Olive Oil | Mane Addicts
(via Unsplash)

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