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5 Apps That Are Changing the Hair Game

At this point, you might as well glue our iPhones to our palm. Our other hand is typically busy with a hairbrush or tool that is working hard to keep our mane in check. We can now marry both our loves and download these hair apps that are sure to improve your dexterity.

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Hair Color Changer Salon Booth

Ever wondered what you would look like with the mushroom hair trend? Always wanted to try out baby pink locks? This free app lets you run wild with hair-color possibilities. Quickly upload a photo, carefully outline your hair and then sit back and watch as your hair color changes like a chameleon. Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of a mirror with a tub of Manic Panic, waiting for the color to develop. Take matters into the digital age and test out different colors and styles without any consequence.

Sally Beauty Supply

If you’re like us, a significant portion of your paycheck goes straight to your hair. Make the most of your purchases with Sally Beauty Supply’s app that can track your rewards points and help you redeem them for loot. The app also has map capabilities that can point you to the nearest retail outlet should you ever be in a mane emergency.

1000+ Hair Styles

We are all for YouTube videos, but having 1000+ hairstyles inside a tiny app is definitely a game-changer. You can navigate these step by step tutorials without having to do too much work. Fancy a DIY wedding style? Look no further than this app. Looking for a laid back braid? Yep, this app’s library has got that too. 1000+ Hair Styles has every category covered: from party hair to curly styles, this will give you #hairgoals for days to come.

Your Perfect Hair Style

Sitting at a salon chair without a clue of what you want to be done to your hair can be frustrating. Don’t arrive with your hairstylist emptyhanded. This app will help you test over 200 styles on either a live photo or a picture from your library. You can gain a better understanding of what suits your unique face shape and skin coloring in a few seconds. Added bonus? You can also try on different hairstyles on your BFF or mom. If you want to convince the BF of a new hairstyle, download the male version for him.


The Cut

The millennial in you hates picking up the phone, we get it. Usher your next salon visit into the digital age by booking and paying for your appointment all via one of our hair apps pick. Gone are the days where you had to have cash handy in order to tip. The Cut app allows you to thank your stylist with a handsome tip directly on the app. No more holding while the salon receptionist thumbs through a schedule, this is hands down the easiest way to waltz into your next appointment.


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