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9 Redheads to Follow on Instagram for Ginger Inspo

You’ve played with babylights, low lights, and dyeing your hair brown. But taking the plunge and going red is a totally new ball game and believe us, nailing the perfect shade of crimson can be harder than it looks. From burgundy tones to fiery red hues, red can be supersaturated or barely-there kissed auburn. Finding the perfect shade for your skin tone and lifestyle is key, so we’ve rounded up our fave Insta redheads for mega mane inspiration along with the mane masters behind their hues so you can hop on the ginger bandwagon too.

Cool Copper

Mane Addicts social media manager Cristina Giraldo recently took the copper plunge. And it’s safe to say we’re obsessed with how her hair color turned out. Seeing her scarlet strands on Zoom and in person has us craving a color change. Hairstylist Cherilyn Farris really nailed this shade!

Ginger Crush

How divine is Daisy Clementine? The model is also our mega ginger hair crush. She rocks those orange strands like no one else.

Ruby Red

It’s mandatory that the editorial director of Mane Addicts has cool hair. Naturally, our E.D. Allison McNamara sports some of the fiercest ruby red locks in the business by celebrity hair colorist and Redken Ambassador Cassondra Kaeding.


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A post shared by Allison McNamara (@allisonmcnamara)

Strawberry Ging

The most pretty soft shade of strawberry with a touch of copper, Askyla’s covetable hue is also the mastermind of Cassondra Kaeding.


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A post shared by @askyladelaplaine

Peachy Soft

You might recognize Amber Venz Box’s standout color from Instagram. After all, she is the beauty who basically created affiliate links. She’s the genius behind Like to Know It with gorg color to boot.


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A post shared by Amber Venz Box (@ambervenzbox)

Perfectly Copper

Taylor Tomasi Hill is the OG when it comes to standing out. The former fashion mag editor turned Moda Operandi lead has always been known for her signature copper hue.


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A post shared by Taylor Tomasi Hill (@ttomasihill)


Christene Barberich is the co-founder of Refinery29, so it’s no surprise that she’s carved out a one-of-a-kind hue that reflects her quirky, vintage style.

Light Copper

Katherine McNamara was our One to Watch for good reason. She has an incredibly enviable copper mane that turns heads wherever she goes. Colorist Jeremy Tardo is to thank for her sumptuous red strands.


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A post shared by Katherine McNamara (@kat.mcnamara)

Fire Hue

She might be known for burning friendships in Riverdale, but IRL the only thing Madelaine Petsch is burning up is our Insta feed with her fiery red hue.


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A post shared by Madelaine Petsch (@madelame)

Ready to go red? HERE is the perfect red shade for your skin tone!

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