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The Best Rose Gold and Dusty Pink Hair Dyes, According to Reddit

When we’re over reading hair product roundups and watching YouTube reviews, we resort to Reddit. We know you can’t trust everything on the internet, but when we stumbled across a thread about the “best rose gold/dusty pink hair dyes,” our bold hue-loving hearts did a double take. Could these Redditors have a clue about hair color? Turns out, yes. Ahead, we rounded up five replies that include hair dye suggestions to the user who posed the question. Let’s just say, these aren’t the rookie responses we expected.

1. Arctic Fox

“I had good results mixing Arctic Fox’s orange and pink!”

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2. Pulp Riot

“Pulp Riot Blush mixed with a little Cupid.”

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3.  Guy Tang MyIdentiy

“I love Guy Tang’s MyIdentity rose gold level 10 with a little bit of Pink Diamond additive.”

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4. Pravana

“For the rose gold (which I currently have) I use Pravana rose gold. I recommend this as it is super easy to keep touched up. With this pale of a shade I doubt you are going to find a color that lasts months as you are requesting. By using this, she can grab you an extra tube (it goes directly on your hair from the tube) that you can use to touch up yourself by combing through clean, dry hair. This is a little easier than option two, which will require touch ups that have a formulated combination. That being said, the second is super cute and I used Pulp Riot blush and mercury.”

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5. Wella

“My stylist used Wella’s pink dream. Color was spot on, but it only lasted 4 shampoos.”

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