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The Best In-Salon Repair Treatments For Your Hair

When your strands look dull and dry and you feel like your at-home treatments just aren’t enough, take things to the next level with one of these five amazing in-salon repair treatments for your hair. Whether they’re meant for conditioning, repairing, strengthening or all of the above–you’ll be out of the salon and on your way to that good-hair glow in no time.


1. Keratin Rejuvenation Treatment at Andy Lecompte

Andy Lecompte’s Keratin Rejuvenation Treatment is a multi-step treatment that helps repair, re-hydrate and restore shine, strength and health to distressed, over processed tresses. It’s one of those repairing treatments that’s perfect as prep for an event or special occasion and the benefits can last up to eight weeks. Yes, seriously! Keep in mind that Keratin is a formaldehyde-free treatment that eliminates frizz without changing the natural state of your hair. Instead, it’s just improves its condition and manageability. #Winning

2. The Sherpa Treatment at Ishi Salon, NYC 


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Salon Ishi’s Sherpa Treatment is for serious repair and it may just be worth a trip to NY. Really–this super treatment is a nano-tech treatment that replaces the cell membrane complex in the hair. What makes this process unique is that you’re able to get it as a pre-treatment for a chemical service to protect the hair from any further damage. The Sherpa Treatment is good for any hair type and is recommended to repair both chemically and physically damaged hair. For serious damage, the salon manager recommends doing the treatment four times a year. 


3. Mudslide Treatment at Drybar


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For just $20, do your hair a favor and add a deep conditioning treatment to your next blowout at Drybar. We don’t think there’s anything in the Mudslide Mask that you wouldn’t be able to get in an at-home treatment, but the fact that you can add it onto your blowout appointment makes it worth it in our book. Especially since we all know how damaging blowouts can be. The Mudslide treatment is said to deeply nourish and repair hair making it softer, shinier and more manageable. It also claims to improves your hair’s resilience so that it can prevent future breakage. 

4. Amika Virgin Treatment 

In Salon Repair Hair Treatments Amika Protect Lock Treatment
First, you’ll have to ask your salon/stylist if they carry the Amika Virgin treatment, and if they do, book it! These salon repairing treatments are comprised of Protect; a liquid bond protector that guards hair throughout the chemical process, bringing it closer to its natural, virgin-like state and Lock; a rinse-out treatment that nourishes and strengthens hair’s structure.

5. Olaplex


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Olaplex has been making waves in salon circles for quite some time now and prides itself on the fact that it’s a bond-strengthening treatment instead of a typical ‘conditioning’ treatment. You also don’t have to worry about how it will affect your styling after it’s rinsed out. It’s one of the best salon repairing treatments for damaged/distress hair and claims to literally rebuild the hair bonds that may have been damaged by coloring, heat-tools or the sun.  There are two in-salon steps that are part of the Olaplex system; one that’s used in conjunction with bleach or color and is applied during the color procedure and one that’s applied afterwards. If you’ve scheduled a color appointment with your stylist,  ask them to add Olaplex to the process. Thank us later.

What are your go-to salon repair treatments for your hair? Let’s talk about it below!

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