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Our Definitive Guide to the Best Salons in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, aka the birthplace of the hipster, has maintained its rep as one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York/America/Earth. So, there’s no doubt that if you happen to get your hair did at a salon located in the precocious 11249 zip, it’s going to be unlike any other styling experience you’ve ever had. Whether you’re getting a braid and purchasing a one of a kind art book, or having a bang trim and mani in what looks like the Pat Fields store (RIP), or simply getting a luxurious oil treatment in what could be your bestie’s crib, these salons will give you an excuse to rush to your next appointment. Behold, the six best salons in Williamsburg.

Best Salons Williamsburg
(image via archinect.com)


There’s nothing more relaxing than getting your hair done in the comfort of a friend’s home. At Room, this feeling has transformed into a way of life. Founded by Takeo Suzuki in 2015, the laid back atmosphere will literally take your stress away—it’s impossible to feel anything but zen when getting a “massage detox shampoo.” Takeo is known as much for his Digital Waves perm treatment as he is for his impressive editorial roster. You’re in good hands—Takeo has styled for everyone from Vogue to Dazed and Confused to Elle. Prior to calling Brooklyn home, he assisted top stylist Stephen Low in London and was art director at the C-LOve Salon in Tokyo… so you’re pretty much getting the best of three continents all without leaving Willy B.

Room Best Salons in Williamsburg New York

(image via roomsalonny.com)


Why settle for this century? At Ludlow Blunt old world elegance with an extreme focus on craftsmanship comes to you. You never know what’s going to happen at this classic oasis…Leo might just flag you down on your way home (seriously this place is channeling Gangs of New York or you’ll see Robert Dinero IRL. The salon has an impressive history. Originally founded by namesakes Commodore Ludlow and Cornelius Blunt in 1901, the shop was stationed in Manhattan’s first ever mall, known as the Windsor Arcade, before being demolished. Luckily, the Ludlow Blunt was saved and now has a permanent home in Williamsburg.

Ludlow Blunt Best Salons in Williamsburg

(image via ludlowblunt.com)



A salon and a publishing company? Sure. This is Williamsburg after all—we expect nothing less than art at every turn. The unique art/photo books published by Shizen / The Oversea are sure to inspire as you get your first Air Wave or Set in the gallery-like digs. First opened in 2005, the salon is happy to say it caters to those in the design and art world. This isn’t the only Shizen, however. There’s also a location in (you guessed it) Japan. The Shizen team is active in editorial, fashion shows, and seminars, proving that education is always key. Bonus if you’re hitting the books while browsing Shizen’s books – the salon offers a 10% student discount.

Shizen Best Salons in Williamsburg NYC
(image via archinect.com)



A salon, boutique, a nail salon and place you can actually get tooth bling—consider Hello Beautiful your one-stop-shop. Founded in 1999 by Rebecca Faye (aka the heart and soul of the salon), the space is reminiscent of Pat Fields because Faye worked with her—this is also how she was able to build her celeb clientele. If you’re having a bad day, it will end here. The vibe is rock and roll, fun and neon, glitz and glam. Follow on IG and make sure to schedule your next Microblading service to coincide with their buzz-worthy yard sales.

Hello Beautiful Best Salons in Williamsburg
(image via hellobeautifulsalonnyc.com)


At Hair Metal, all snootiness is checked at the door. The salon was founded in 2005 on the ethos that you should be able to hangout in your neighborhood salon (even if it’s not your neighborhood), listen to great music and channel your creative freedom. Whether your dying your Mohawk blue, need a color correction, or just want a short, layered look that translates to the office, Hair Metal has you covered. Note- the salon is cash only so be sure to hit the ATM before your visit.

Best Salons Williamsburg Hair Metal
(image via hairmetalsalon.com)



The stylists at Self Salon really make you feel special—considering that diversity, culture and community are all part of the value system the salon was founded on, this should come as no surprise. Started by native New Yorker Maria Barca, who put herself through beauty school at 17 and opened the first Self in nearby Bushwick at just 23, Self is a mainstay for those looking to feel like a part of something greater. Maria specializes in dry cutting and curly cuts are listed as a special service on the hair menu. Stop by to Repair and Condition with the newly added Essential Oil Hair Treatment.

Best Salons Williamsburg

 (image via selfsalon.com)

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