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The Best Shade of Black Hair for You, Based on Your Skin Tone

Discovering the best shade of black hair for your skin tone is easier than it seems.

We know the dark hue may be intense for some, but it’s one that’s definitely worth trying out at least once in your life. And based on your skin tone, we know the perfect shade for you.

Scroll below to discover which black hair color will work best with your complexion!

Pale Skin Tone: Jet Black

Those with pale skin tones have the benefit of being able to pull off almost any black hair color. The one that comes the most recommended is jet black. While it can be more intense than the other shades, jet black will really make your features pop. And when you go black, you always want to stand out.

Medium Skin Tone: Reflective Auburn

The reflective auburn shade brings out the warmth of those with medium skin tones. It’s not entirely black, instead offering a mix of auburn hues to lighten up the look. Going too dark can really wash you out, so add a pop of color with this shade.

Olive Skin Tone: Almost Black

The best shade of black hair for an olive skin tone is definitely almost black. It’s a great contrast to your warmer skin tone, so your complexion will really stand out. Seriously, no one will ever be able to take their eyes off you when you enter a room sporting this hue.

Light Brown Skin Tone: Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark chocolate brown is more on the brown hair color side, but it’s pretty close to black. It isn’t almost black, but it’s there. More importantly, it’s a fantastic shade for those with light brown skin tones. Going too dark will make your beautiful complexion fade away and the same goes with dyeing your strands too dark. Dark chocolate brown teeters the line between too light and too dark, so it’s just right for you.

Brown Skin Tone: Brown Black

Similar to dark chocolate brown, brown black is a great hue to highlight the complexion of those with brown skin tones. It may seem like a basic black, considering the other options out there, but no other hue will give your skin the attention it deserves quite like this one.

Dark Brown Skin Tone: Blue Black

Those with dark brown skin tones will look totally amazing in a blue black hue. It adds an extra pop of color without being high maintenance. The sheen and shimmer this type of color offers is eye-catching and completely complements your darker complexion. Are you bold enough to try it?

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Black Skin Tone: Violet Black

Many tend to assume that dark colors work with the darkest skin tones. That is often the case, though not always true. And why can those with black skin tones only wear dark colors? To really amp up your go-to black, we suggest trying the violet black shade. It’s such a fun, vibrant shade that allows you to play with a color that isn’t often seen. And one that can’t be pulled off by any other skin tone.

Maybe dyeing your hair black isn’t a commitment you’re ready for. What about red? If you’re wondering the best shade of red for your skin tone, THIS is it.

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