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According to an Expert, THIS Is the Best Shade of Red Hair for Your Skin Tone

We’ve all thought about dyeing our strands red at one point in time, but not all of us can pull off the same shade. Our skin tone plays a huge role in determining which shade of red hair will work for us.

We reached out to Christine Tran, hairstylist and color specialist at Ultrafade by Rich in Australia, to get an expert opinion on the matter. Below, Christine revealed the best shade of red hair for every skin tone. Discover the color that’ll correctly complement your complexion now!

Very Pale Skin Tone: Strawberry Blonde & Copper Tones

“Very pale skin ladies will suit the strawberry blondes and copper tones,” Christine mentions. If you happen to have a pink undertone to your complexion, Christine recommends going a little bit darker with the shade.

“There are some slight variations for ladies with a pink undertone,” she says. “To draw out the pink from their skin to allude to a younger glow, a dark strawberry blonde or adding a rosy touch to a copper would make a huge difference.”

Pale Skin Tone: Spiced Pumpkin Copper

No, it’s not the name of a new Starbucks drink for the fall; spiced pumpkin copper is a blend of copper and auburn tones. “Regardless of undertone, ladies with pale to medium skin tone will suit spiced pumpkin copper hair,” Christine says. “This involves variations of copper and warm auburn tones.”

A brighter auburn will work better for those with pale, neutral skin tones. And those with cool undertones will look best in a blend of hues. “Pale neutral skin tones will suit bright auburn, as this color has a balance of both cool and warm tones,” Christine notes. “For pale to medium skin tones with a cool undertone, a mix of strawberry blonde, copper, and ginger tones will best complement the skin.”

Anyone with a yellow undertone in their complexion will look best with a take on golden copper. “Yellow undertones would suit multi-toned golden copper hair, as this will accentuate the glow of their warm skin,” Christine shares.

Medium Skin Tone: Dark or Golden Copper

Medium skin tones have a few more options than just dark or golden copper, especially depending on the undertones in your complexion.

“Those that have yellow undertones will look best in a fire engine red or dark/golden copper hue,” Christine mentions. “Pink undertones would suit a dark copper shade and cool undertones would look best in a luscious cherry red.”

Olive Skin Tone: Rose Gold

Looking to stay light in your color? Christine says a rose gold will look great on anyone with an olive complexion. “If you’re staying on the lighter side, the best red shade that will avoid feeling washed out will be a rose gold tone,” she notes. “Olive skin tones suit reds with a blue-violet under, such as auburn, burgundy, and mahogany.”

But, Christine makes it clear there is an undertone to avoid. “It is recommended to stay away from reds with orange undertones,” she states.

Light Brown Skin Tone: Cool Red Shades

A light brown complexion should choose their shade around wine colors. Yes, you read that right. “To enhance the glow of light brown skin tones, cool red shades that have a blue-violet tinge, reminiscent of a merlot wine, would be best,” Christine shares.

Though for your skin tone, Christine does have a warning on which hue to avoid. “All brown skin tones should steer clear of golden copper undertones when going red,” she says.

Brown Skin Tone: Auburn Brown

An auburn brown hue will always look stunning on brown skin tones, no matter the undertone. “For a more natural and subtle look, a rich and deep brown combined with a touch of red forms the perfect option,” Christine shares.

Looking for something a little more daring? Christine recommends a dark, burgundy red. “A bolder choice that would also compliment brown skin tones would be a dark, burgundy red,” she says.

Dark Brown Skin Tone: Mahogany

Those with dark brown skin tones can pull off mahogany better than anyone.

“Mahogany is a brunette shade that resembles a rich, reddish-brown,” Christine shares. “Adding the touch of red to your brown will complement a deeper complexion. It’s similar to burgundy, which has a combination of red and purple tones to form a deep tonal red color that reflects well against dark brown skin tones.”

Black Skin Tone: Purple-Red Tones

Another red hue inspired by a classic drink, Christine shares that Black skin tones would look great in a Cherry Coke color–think Rihanna red.

“Purple-red tones, such as Cherry Coke, also work on darker skin tones,” she says. “It creates deep wine and plum tones that compliment the skin and deeper eye colors.”

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